Talihina, OK

Do any of you Texas folks make Muscadine jelly if so how bout sending me some tips on doing it ..I picked a gallon of fruit and put it in the freezer to keep till I learn more about this nice wild grape...

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

make a pie!!!

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

here is a place that will tell you how to make a jelly with them. I made a pie with some and it was very yummy

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Alexandria, LA

Grits, wonderful info on muscadine jelly, jam, preserves, pies, etc. at - type muscadine in the search bar. I used the jam recipe a couple of months ago, and was greatly joyed at the taste and ease in making this. Hope you enjoy !! Dona

Talihina, OK

I checked the LSU site but did not see anything about the pie but pretty good info on the jelly making so Y'all need to enlighten me on the pie thing if y'all are wondering why I am so long getting back on this I went to Nevada for some Vacation time...

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

Just sub in muscadines and adjust to taste. I like scuppernongs much more myself. I have a pie i froze earlier this year that i might have to make this week now! The seeds prove to be the hardest thing to deal with. if you come up with a good way to remove them let me know!!!

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7b)

I also found this site for some other recipes. I plan on trying them next year!

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