Question re: freezing pole beans still in the pods. :)

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

The pole beans I grew for seed are dry so I picked them today before the rains starts tomorrow. I won’t have time to get them out of the pods for about 12 days, so I put them – pods and all – into my freezer to kill any weevils that might be in the seed. The book, “Seed to Seed”, says to leave them in the freezer to 5 days to insure it kills the weevils.

My question is, can I just leave them in the freezer for 12 days or so, until I can get a chance to get the seeds out of the pods?? How long can I leave them in the freezer? I have them tied shut in a large black plastic garbage bag. It’s the only thing I have that can handle the amount of dried beans I have.

I sure appreciate your help. This is my first time saving seeds, and this is my whole bean seed crop. I don’t want to destroy them because of something I did wrong.

Thanks! :)

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