First Bloom from seed!

Scott Bar, CA(Zone 6a)

Four years ago I was inspired by members of this forum to try a cross of the only two Hipps I had--Red Lion and striatum. Here is the result of striatum pollen and a R.L. The striatum blooms throughout the year (several bulbs in one pot) an the R.L. only in early spring. It will be interesting to see if the oposite (R.L. pollen with the striatum) turns out the same color. Anyway, I am thrilled with the result--albeit somewhat surprised at the timing.

Striatum on the right and the cross on the left. Nice of striatum to pop in time to compare!


Thumbnail by rockminer
Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

The flower form of the cross is so much like that of the striatum. Very nice.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

bsharf is right,the flower form does follow striatum and the color is great.

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