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Taaa-Daaaa! Honey!

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

We harvested honey this weekend and from two and a half hives (sadly one has no queen) we got almost 5 gallons of honey. Last year we only got 6 pints. When we were harvesting, we noticed some dark thick honey that we believe was left from last year.

Earlier this spring we made maple syrup outside in a turkey fryer and we noticed the bees were always hanging around the pot and the buckets. One of the hives had a very slight maple flavor.

The whole house still smells of honey and we are sticking to everything, our goal next year is to find or make some sort of extractor. It's getting to be too much honey to do with a rubber spatula and cookie sheets. We had bags of honey comb hanging all over the kitchen while they drained.

Dartmouth, NS(Zone 6a)

congrats! I love when the whole house smells like honey!

for an extractor, 3 people I know all needed one as well, so we all pitched in together and got one to share. After one season the other 3 realized they didn't have the time to extract so I now keep the extractor and prepare honey for all 4 of us (I charge them half their crop)

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