SOLVED: Does anyone know what this is ?

Lebanon, MO

Hi , this is growing in the yard , looks like cherries but has no cherry pit , inside more like an apple ?It is a bush .Thanks for any info. Gin

Thumbnail by Ginge
Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Ginge, I think that's a crabapple (I have one in my yard, too). They are beautiful in the spring when they're in bloom.

Here's a photo - it's kind of hard to tell from it, but it was the best one I found in a quick search.,%2520Flowering%2520Crabapple%2520Fruit.jpg&imgrefurl=

Lebanon, MO

I think you are right , the photo looks like it to me ! Thank You so much , when we moved in the other owner had chopped it to the ground . It did bloom and was pretty this last spring . I appreciate the info . Gin :)

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