SOLVED: morning glories

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

these are some of the morning glories I have growing,I think one is Mt Fugi Mix but not sure.Does anyone know?

Thumbnail by crestedchik
Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

CC: The pink looks like a Picotee. I have pics. of the Mt. Fuji if you would like to see them. They usually have more white barring in them.

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

A couple of days ago, I picked up a similar plant (vine) from the wild roadside, but the flower is red. Must be the same, morning glory. It closes by evening.

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

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Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Is picotee a japanese morning glory? The leaves looks like my Kikyo and the flowers too, but kikyo have purple flowers.

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

They were both suppose to be japannese mg.There was another one that was suppose to be a double but don't see any sign of that one

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

The word 'picotee' does refer to a thin, contrastingly-colored edge, but several seed catalogues sell both a blue and a pink DOUBLE MG the have named "Picotee Blue" or "Picotee Red" (although it is PINK). I've not seen a single-flowered version, and in the catalogues the leaves can't been seen. I have one color out of the "Mt. Fuji" mix, and it definately looks different from these. The white edge is wider and more regular, and a strong white stripe runs down the channels in the flower.My flowers aren't nearly so pointed, either---they're almost prefectly round. My leaves are shaped like these, but they're variegated. (So are the leaves of my Tie-Dye and Rose Zebra, two other Ipomoea nil cultivars.)I do like the way these look---wanna swap seeds?

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