Anyone seen 'Iron Cross' Pelargonium Tomentosum scented?

Orchard Park, NY

I am looking for this Pelargonium that originally came from Cornell University greenhouse [about 40 some years ago]. It looked identical to Tomentosum with big round, scalloped leaves, and VERY furry, BUT it had a dark blotch or 'cross' in the center of the leaf, much like an Iron Cross Begonia looks. I recall the leaves being easily the size of my hand. It had the small white blooms typical of Tomentosum. I have seen some of the strains of the Chocolate Pelargonium that look similar, [the center dark blotch is the same], but those leaves are LOBED where the one I am looking for was distinctly a rounded leaf with only scalloped edges like Tomentosum. Anyone ever seen this creature? Thanks so much. Louise

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