It went to minus 5 in Calgary

Calgary, Canada

Dahlias and begonias are done.
Geraniums not too bad.
Saving tubers and geraniums now.

We did get a two week bonus this year as our average date of first fall frost is mid September.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Yes, it was a sad day. Amazing that we had no frost until now. Next week I plan to move a few roses & perennials and change my front yard flower bed a bit. Still have to plant the tulips.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Not sure what it was at my house, there was frost on the front lawn and some of the plants but not on the back ( east side) I didnt check later in the day.
Still waiting for V-K lilies to arrive.

Calgary, Canada

I had decided to pick the tomatoes green fortunately. It was much later than usual. I still have dozens of bulbs to plant! Must dig the callas, cannas, colocasia, dahlias, and bring in the passion flower and mandevillas!

Grand Forks, BC(Zone 5b)

Sorry. I know it's inevitable, but still hard on gardeners when it does. I am sure our day will come too, in the very near future.

Calgary, Canada

I am still planting bulbs too. Also a few perennials and biennials.
And of course I still have some shrubs too.

This weekend is Dumpster Day at our Community so I must organize the junk and get it over there. They are coming to get the heavy stuff.

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