Moving a gardenia? I need help pronto!

Pleasant Hill, CA(Zone 9b)


We are having a plumbing crisis at home, and my husband is about to dig a big hole to get to the clean out pipe to replace it. The problem is that the clean out sits square between a 20 year old camelia (about 18" away from the clean out), and an 8 yeard old gardenia (about 18 away on the other side).

Can I have my husband dig up the gardenia, with a root ball around 18 inches, wrap it in a wet sheet, and store it in shade, until he gets the plumbing fixed? I would hope that we could get it back in the ground within a couple of days. Any other suggestions how we might protect the camelia?

He's standing there with a shovel waiting for responses, so the sooner the better. THANK YOU!!


Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Sorry I am too late but yes. I would water the soil first and then try to get as much of the rootball as you can. Cover in burlap. Check the soil maybe every 12 hours and water again if needed. Do not fertilize as plants in stress should not be fertilized.

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