Need a NEW gas tank for 73 Chevy Vega

Arlington, VA

The poor car has been rear-ended at least twice- both times while she was sitting in her parking space minding her own business. And the gas tank of course got dented twice.

Can't find a new one -- they are all rebuilt.

BUT I know that not only the Vega, but the Monza and I believe the Sunbird had the same type of gas tank. So surely, there has to be some NOS out there somewhere.

But where?

Lick Creek, IL(Zone 6b)

Hey Ace, you might try asking some of the forum folks at There are tons of companies that make reproduction gas tanks so you might google gas tank reproductions or gas tank manufaturers. Good luck. Steve

Arlington, VA

Will Do! Thanks!

Vroooom.............. (off to ChevyTalk!)

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I had a baby blue 76 Vega and I loved that car, it was not the piece of crap everyone said they were, mine got run into the ground and kept going, until I blew the head gasket, but it had like 179 K miles on it if I recalled. For a Chevy Vega that was good.

It was so good on gas.

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