Someone needed to put electical under a driveway or patio

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Someone asked a question awhile back on how to get wires under a patio or maybe it was a driveway. Was it on this forum? Or does anyone know which forum it was on?

Anyway, here's the answer, in case it is helpful to someone.

I went to a workshop last night and the instructor mentioned that he had put PVC pipe under his driveway and to dig under the driveway, he used a tool -- a special nozzle -- that goes on the end of a hose. It is not your normal spray nozzle, this is something super-duper that he got in the plumbing department at Home Depot and it will "drill" with water. He drilled a tunnel under his driveway using that thing, and then ran both hose and electrical wiring through PVC pipe (don't know if it was the same pipe or two different pipes). He did encounter a rock and have to adjust the path that he drilled, but other than that, he said it worked really well.

I hope this gets to the person that needed to know.

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