Crochet Pattern....Help Please!!

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Hey everyone I'm new to this forum but not new to DG (although I just renewed the other day, soooo glad to be back home!!)

Ok, here's my dilemma...See the pretty pic? See the **beautiful** bed skirt in the pic? That's what I want. I can't even find one to buy it. I swiped the pic from They don't have the bed skirt for sale. How do you like that?

I figure I can make one if I can find a pattern. That's the hard part. I'll pay, I don't mind. As long as it's what I want. The prettier the better. I want fancy, lol! If I'm going to make it I want it nice. I'm figuring it'll be my Christmas gift to myself for Christmas 2020 by the time I finish it, LOL!

Any ideas? Know where I can purchase one for a queen size bed for under $100? Or the pattern for something similar? I've wanted one of these for what seems like forever.

Thanks for any and all help

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Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

Same bed skirt on a different ensemble from I can't believe they have this in so many of their pics but they don't offer it for sale. Humph!! It's mostly shown on their quilts.

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Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Heather, if you haven't tried yet - send an email to the company and ask them if they can tell you where the dust ruffle came from. They just might tell you.

If that doesn't work. I would get a bed skirt that goes all over the box spring and take the actual ruffle off and add your own. It could even be store bought. I haven't been in a fabric shop in a while but they sell edgings like that.

I cannot imagine knitting or crocheting a dust ruffle like that.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

I know crocheting a dust ruffle like that would take quite a while, but it'd be worth it. It'd take some time is all.

I may try and write the company, but these days I wouldn't expect a response. :-(

I'll keep looking but if anyone comes across a pattern even similar to this, or one for sale, please let me know.

Thanks much,

Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

This looks very much like what you are looking for:

If not, do a search on Google for crochet bedskirts.

Weedville, PA(Zone 6a)

I love that site, thanks for sharing it. Just spent 30 minutes browsing. lol Kinda like a jcpennys meets Martha type of site. I will be going back there. The bedskirt isn't just right tho. *Sigh* Maybe I'm pickier than I thought? If I'm not in a hurry I'll find it...eventually.

Columbia Heights, MN(Zone 4a)

I live in an older house and one of the upstairs bedroom has a closit that does not have a door. I decided a white crocheted curtain would be nice and then found a stitch I liked and proceeded to make the curtain. I used cotten thread. It was very pretty and I loved the way it draped. Unfortunately, as days went by, the cutain got longer and longer. Eventually, about 5 inches of crochet fabric was laying on the floor. I left it up cuz the cats like to play with it.

If you do decide to make your own, make sure you use a very light cotton thread. If I ever replace that curtain, it will be store bought.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

An Idea, check out older bespread patterns or table cloths and piece your favorite just wide enough for your bed skit. Or crochet one square and piece with a same color quilting fabric or even satin to make a box pleat and then crochet patter. So all around you'll have crochet outside and fabric blocking the sight under the bed.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I looked at some old pattern books and I think this would work for you. Look here for some ideas I have some of those patterns if you don't want to spend the $. Also If you go that route i'd suggest you get Coats "Opera" or DMC crochet yarn they are a bit $ but so worth it in the long run. Also if you come across an edging that you could expand upon...The dust ruffle you have in pics is half moon. You can make doilies and either cut them in 1/2 and tape the edge or use the whole and attached to the cloth that goes under the mattress. This would be work.

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