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THE GPS 6 - The Glorified Potting Shed!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

We came from here.... the GPS5

Well, hard to beleive it is October already.....Time to start packing it in for winter.. ugh!

Well maybe not just yet, but winter thoughts are abounding.....

Been getting things ready to move in for winter storage, but there is a lot to do yet before the snow flies!

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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well there are a gazillion things I need to get done befoire winter....tis the time of year my GPS turns into a storage shed.

1) get the begonia cuttings bumped up to move to the house before frost.. otherwise I will be running them in and out until they root....UGH! Or its compost....

2) bump up the daylily proliferations, these will stay in the GPS all winter....

3) remove the wire door for more room....use it for a table top for stacking

4) as the Petunia baskets die, bring them in for storage they should be able to be watered for next year and the seeds should come!

5) same with the annuals in the window boxes ... I am contemplating putting my window boxes into grain bags so that if any seed fall...I can catch it...those alyssums are loaded with blooms and I would like to put them in baskets next year!

6) same with the annuals in the pots, although I would like to bump those out to nursery cans so I have the nicer fancier pots for next seasons house plants.

7) trim trees and shrubs, take to pile

8) plant trees and shrubs

9) get replacements for bad rose cones, get them handy so when first snow hits....also stuff straw in baggies for winterpacking the heirloom rose

10) pack and label seed, finish any harvesting

11) plant perennials

12) clean and store tools away

13) finish planting the strawberries to the tire

14) straighten and store up the empty nursery cans

and 15) and and....theres more to add here...but I need a break

So hows by you guys, what are you doing in yours?

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

Looks like you make lists like me only mine are on paper so I can cross them off when done.
I make lists when I am frustrated at not being able to get things done, like that gets me any farther along.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I function by the list! It is my brain my age this silver head has to have better ways of retaining things! So its by the list, be it paper or PC..gets bad though when I lose the list! I have learned mark the calender, take it one day at a time, one job till its done and just keep at it.

I take my computer calender and take the first 26 days and mark day one as A, day 2 as be and so forth until day 26 is Z. Repeat that every month. For gardening then I take for each day of the alphabet, put the plant I want to grow. Say its argeratum... that goes on day one since day one corresponds with the letter A. It might get moved to another date later depending on what it needs...then I keep adding to the calender things alphabetically until things have to be moved to a new day such as water reminders or weeding, chemicals or pinching etc. Since my calender sends me a daily reminder of the task listed.. then I work from there. Some things get bumped to a new day, others get put on the date I hope to plant, or whatever. I run my tasks that way too until I settle into a routine if it is a daily repeat task or weekly, monthly etc. Its great my calender has the reminder functions and will repeat tasks into the future!

I start taking each plant then and look towards the following season.. like now this time of year I plan for spring planting and mark the following years calender when I need to plant seeds on specific dates.

It all falls into place.

I follow also a greenhouse and nursery handbook. Makes life easyier.

All those tasks above for instance, I will mark my calender too.

If a task does not get done, it gets put to the next day it is projected it can.

Using these forums here helps too! As you may have noticed I am an avide I record things as I go when I can. Not all things, just some. It helps me generate a log of pictures and notes and I can go back and read what happened!

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

I take tons of photos and label them by month so I can see what is in bloom when.
Also photograph newly planted beds so I can remember what I put where.
I tried the mapping thing but a picture takes less time.

A mini rose still blooming its heart out.

Thumbnail by gardengus
Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I like mapping, but you are right, it does take time and for a garden as big as mine, mapping does have its better merits.. trouble is, sometimes I forget to update them. So I need to also keep a lot of things in my head...ouch!

So what I usually will do when I plant a new plant is put the label in with the plant, mark the map (if I remember!), take a pic of it. log it on the calender and so forth and so on.

My trade list here also acts as a log for what plants I is not always up to date and that is one thing this winter I need ot get after my photo files and bring some things up to date there too. I try to mark where I got the seed, if someone might be wanting it etc...

Your rose is gorgeous BTW! I have 7 roses.. a pink tea, a couple climbers and a red longstem... My pinks are still blossoming a little. I need to clean their feet up to prepare for rose cones or straw bags...the big heirloom climber I lay doy every winter and just cover the thing with bags of straw.. I use the bags the next year too. Call me cheap, but I save in time too by re-using. This year I am doing all fresh straw in my bags....they will go for a few years before I replace them. So beats the poop out of buying annually. And Then also I do not have the mess of the loose straw to clean up.

15) - bag the straw!

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

My goodness you all are way to organized for me. I write lists of course, and even though I keep them on the dining room table, I swear I do, I just lose them all the same and then have to try to remember what I wrote and rewrite it LOL!
As for the mapping, tried that and failed, still manage to plant overtop of things and dig up bulbs and lord knows what else.
I do keep my photos arranged by month and then sometimes when I go back and look at previous years I see things that I no longer have and it is then that I realize I have planted over it or dug it up by mistake.
One year I used flat rocks by the hundreds it seems that I drug back from the cabin and marked and placed one at each plant (well each plant that was blooming at the time) even though I used a waterproof sharpie, the names all washed away w/n a year!
I used DG journal one year and logged and photod every plant in my gardens and swore I would keep it updated every year, but well go take a look for yourselves ^_^ didn't happen.
Hey beauty of a rose gus. I am pretty tough on roses. Have killed off more than I can count, but at least managed to keep one over the years and it did better this year than ever.
Happy wintering everyone!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

LOL!! On the plant markers....I bury the plastic ones with the plants root....mark it in pencil.. seems to last.. if I run into a label.. well then I know I kilt something! LOL! Leart long time ago, the black markers dont work! I have tried signs, maps, lists, photos you name it.

Oh, I try to be organized....harder I try the worse it gets.. I multitask. Everything I do now is with purpose even being on the PC here!

Well, this AM it is raining.. must bring begonias in from the porch.

Then try to get to those daylily pros. The proliferations are not priority though.

My life is like that old song.. "Ninety nine bottles a beer on the wall," except, no beer, its ninety nine thousand chores on the list, take one down and put 4 up 9903 chores on the list!! LOL!

I do one chore, in the process or on the way to it, there are a dozen more that need doing and are not on the list some get listed, some dont and it never ends! But thats a full time gardener/rancher/wife/friend/-/-/-/-/-/- what ever I am for ya!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well, drat the begonia cuttings in the GPS are not fit yet to bump up.....May have to bring a few flats in the house just to save face if we indeed get that frost they are talking. Right now its raining. Been raining all morning.

I spent a couple hours moving the annuals from the viranda to the back porch. I have some lovely peppers that have tons of blossoms and small peppers on them and man I would hate to lose the peppers so I am putting them on the back porch to bring into the laundry room at nite.. just incase! And they are huge!

Brought a few petunias into the GPS for storage.. there are a buuunch of those... but well.. if they come in, or not.. not gonna worry.

Took that door off the hinged in the GPS and made a table to put plants on in there. WOW.. the room I made just doing that having the door clear! No more wasted space with that thing!

I washed the pots off off the annuals in the annual box and brought them up. I weeded out ones I could bring in the house...Put them under lights. Moved house plants around in the house around and watered them. Now need to find more space!

16) must as haighr how she got smiley face on the post.. thats cute! LOL!

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

Are you doing all this in the rain?
To do a smiley ^_^ hold down shift and type 6-6 it will look like ^ _ ^ to you but when you post it it will be a ^_^

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I brought in the impatiens, snapdragons, the rest of the chocolate mint, a few coleus, dianthus, a Christmas cactus and need to get the marigolds and allysum.. Got a few small pots of those so I can enjoy them indoors for a little while longer in the house.

Sprayed all the houseplants for bugs with Sevin. There were some houseflies hiding in the leaves and well...hope that got them. Smacked what I could and cleaned up the kitchen sink from cleaning
the pots and unwanteds off of them.

Ouch, looks like I need 2 florescent lights for the one plant stand...ick! that shelf needs cleaning, its dusty and holy cow, got cob webs..! And break out the vacuum.. yipes!

Right now the peppers can stay in the rain.. I am heading off to the cafe

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

OH, then what happens when I do this? ^_~


Christchurch, New Zealand

wow I am worn out just reading your list!
I am so glad we don't have such severe winters here.
And that I grow things that can handle local conditions.
I love that yellow mini rose, it has a lovely shape.
Many minis are only nice in bud. I have one pretty pink that opens out beautifully & lasts for ages but my yellow is 'blown' very quickly.
I have decided I need more clematis.
I have a dwarf variety in a pot but think some NZ native clematis would be nice too...

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

The link says bush clematis, does that mean it is a bush and not a vine?

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well....murmer mermer....(no kind words for "Mother N" today... ) she brought the dreaded frost! I am outside hosing off my peppers hoping to save them. It was a hard frost indeed and well, dangggg! Actual ice on theporch too. UGH!

If they look good this afternoon, maube they are saved, but they will not survive long.

Sure took the fun out of gardening.....! BUt well just maybe now we will go into Indian summer and the next frost will be well off in the future.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well, looks like we saved the peppers this time, but they have to come in tonite.

The stuff in the GPS was ok.

This afternnoon I planted up another strawberry tire. Now I can check those guys off my list.

Going to go do some daylilies.....

Christchurch, New Zealand

I think by bush clematis they mean it grows in the bush...
I think you refer to it as 'the woods'
in Aussie & NZ it is the scrub or the bush, we don't have the same kind of woodlands as the Northern Hemisphere.
Except by deliberate cultivation...
our native forests tend to have dense undergrowth, NZ bush kills tourists who wander off marked trails.
People don't see that they are about to go over a sheer cliff until it is too late.
Or they just get hopelessly lost even in what seems a small area, the weather changes & they curl up under a rock or log & die of hypothermia & some are never found.
In NZ we don't have venomous snakes(any snakes actually) or dangerous 4 legged predators.
Instead our country side is beautiful but deadly.

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

Have you ever gotten lost?

Christchurch, New Zealand

no - I have always stuck to marked trails & not the kind of tramping (hiking) that gets people into remote areas.
I did some bush walks in Aussie, it is amazing the different terrain there.
In the Blue Mountains in summer it is so hot & dry, the scent of eucalypts is overpowering in places.
On the Gold Coast hinterland it is higher humidity with denser bush, rain forest type vegetation.
I have also been in the outback, very sparse vegetation - Ayers Rock/Uluru is an amazing place.
The trip I did was from Brisbane to Perth - 3 weeks in a 4wheel drive, we camped in tents at night.
One day it rained - just bucketed down, you couldn't see anything even with wipers on full.
And then the desert blossomed.
Wild flowers as far as the eye could see.
I wish I had owned a better camera back then.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I hit Texas on season when the desert bloomed there and oooh man, talk of awesome! Terrible thing though, the bloom time only lasted about 2 weeks!.. Yeah.... and no camera... dang it!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well. I moved a couple flats of cuttings to the house.. they seem to be slow in taking and well short of risking another frost.. depending on the weather.. might move them back to the GPS, but am really doubting it.

I may lose them either way..

Right now its kindof chilly tonight...seems frosty!

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

A rainy morning here not that we need any rain, last week ended up with almost 4'' so we are all soaked up here.
I am on my second cup of tea looking over the inside chore list, somehow things just are not as fun inside.
Fall is my favorite time of year , and things are looking good.

Thumbnail by gardengus
Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well, its raining again... I need to finish brining pots up for storage now that had annuals in them that croaked due to the killer frost.....

I dismantled part of a garden display and need to work on cleaning up some more pots, move them and find a peice of fencing.

I ma not happy with the colder weather.. it has slowed me down terribly between heavier clothes and arthritis acting on me, much yet to do, and at a crawl.

Come on Indian Summer... we sure dont want winter in October!

I did manage to get some of the perennials planted on the weekend....pruned some more trees and did a few odd jobs.

The peppers are still in my laundryroom! LOL! I hope I can boot them out again. They have pansys in their pots and well, when the peppers croak, The pansys should still be ok, but the pansys should be outside! What was I thinking when I put them pansers in there?!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Gus. what is that beautiful red thing?

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

Maple tree, beautiful color, but not in my yard.(insert frown here)

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Gotta be a sugar maple eh?

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well it quit raining and I brought the petunias into the GPS... I had plenty of room since I got it re-organized. Maybe Jack F. Will leave them alone for a lil while.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I have started marking my planting calender for days I hope to sow. So far..April 3 for direct sow - Cleomes. Got a ton of seed.

Heres an annual thread I found on cleomes!

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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Loofa - February 12 is going to be my projected planting date.

Heres a great thread on the Loofa

Well my outdoor coleus is cashed. They were sooo very pretty. I am going to have to have fresh cuttings made in January.. that is if my houseplants survive that far. Heartell the coleus seems to give up right around February so with that thought in mind.. I am taking cuttings January 3rd off my homers. I will sow my indoor seed around March 3rd should make for May plants. According to my manual, a basket should get 8 when I take cuttings I will put them straight away to a basket.

Heres a link for coleus:


Been thinking about watermelons and cantalopes...hmmm just finishing the last of summers... yums! Got seed too...Usually I broadcast those late May if the bed is made for them so I think I will mark the calender for April to make the bed around the 15th and sow May 23 no later than June 3.



Ok, gonna do some purplecone flowers...hmmm Ima thinking I should be broadcasting those now to the prairie....let nature takes her course with them.



Just remembered to bring my Christmas cactus in.. OMG, the thing is red and green. One is half dead...the other survived the frost and actually has buds..hoping they do not fall off and the little one has a volunteer petunia keeping it company in its pot! LOL!

Never have much luck starting these.. but looks like there are some segments that have roots that would take!

Found this link for them:

I think I am gonna have to think about bringing them in earlier.. they got hurt by the frost...I hope they revive!


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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Pumpkin time .. I am going to sow seed around the 16th of May. I just might start a few a month earlier to try to get them ready for Halloween!

Heres a pumpkin link!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I got sun today and above 45 so I just kicked my huge pots of peppers back outside onto the porch out of my laundryroom and cleaned up that mess. Will haveta bring them back in again tonite...dangggg frost.

Still have 7 window boxes of annuals - marigolds, snaps and allysumn to fit into the GH. Things are getting tight in there and still have to pull 40 tomato baskets off the hoophouse and clip to the roots and store the dirt filled baskets until next year. I am not messing with those any further.. to dang cold and they are going in the shed.

Ok, while on the subject of green peppers, marigolds and allysum, I am going to look for a thread on those, mark my planting calender and take care of that business for next year....

Will edit in the links as I find them!

Green Bell Peppers - I am marking my sowing dates for March 7 and April 7th 2010 for these and if I forget to sow them, I will have to get them at our local hardware!

Here is a link for them!
Marigolds - Today I have brought the last of the marigolds back into the GPS where they will stay in their window boxes until spring where whatever seed has fallen into the boxes can take off again at their speed and what ever seed I have collected will have to be sown to flats long about the time the temps are back steady day and night at around 50-60 degrees. I figure mid April to be good for my zone so am marking Apripl 13th my Marigold date for sowing seed in the GPS!

Here is a link on them:


Alyssum - (why is that one always a hard one for me to spell!!! LOL!)
I had volunteers that grew from seed that I had from plants in my last years window boxes and they came EXCELLENT!

My manual says to sow seed on January 1st indoors....but hmmm.. I got a great crop of volunteers so I think I am just gonna wait until they sprout. But for grins will mark my calender in case I decide to start other colors than the white I already have!

Heres a link for them....

Snapdragons - the calender is marked sow seeds indoors January 19th and February 19th

Well, I need a break, I am heading off to the Cafe 24 so catch you there..!

henny questions?!


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Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well, Im back...been editing my silly head off this thread adding links until I finally figured out how to do it without doing that!

Anyway.... I did some lobelia and did not have much luck with store boughts. Any time I tried to grow it by seed.. worse yet. It is one of the more difficult ones for me for some lame reason. But every year I try because on a success, they are sooo beautiful.

They are a royal pain to sow due to the puny micro seeds...just like impatiens and that is why I usually will avoid them both.

But anyway, here is a link and I am going to be looking for them come as soon as the local GH's start getting in plants which is long about April! So my reminder date to SHOP is gonna be April 11th!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Impatiens.. UGH! Amother annual I did this year. MIserable for me to start by seed and pricey to by bedding plants! So what did I do I bought a pak of 6 and that was it! I took cuttings.. the cuttings were miserably slow and well anyway, now theyhave become houseplants to enjoy till death do us part.

Heres a link on them....

I am marking my calender anyway to try to sow them, but them or what ever.

My sow date will be March 9th. Well thats a start and we will just take it from there...otherwise some day in mid May will be a shopping date!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Dianthus for 2010! Marking the calender for a sow date of March 1st! These should give me a flowering plant for Memorial day if I am lucky!

Heres the link!

Um.. also, annual Sweet William.. a wanna grow...

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

Isn't sweet william a bi-annual?

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

I had some nice colors this year, worth the wait.

Thumbnail by gardengus
Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

I beleive Sweet Willies are are bi's... hmm I could not find a bi
forum on Daves! Theres annuals, bi's.. or am I missing it?

That is one I cannot get enough seed of! Yours are lovely gus!

Flora, IN(Zone 5a)

I collected a lot of seed I would be glad to send some your way .
The dark one is very dark and called ''sooty''
I do not think we have a bi-annual forum, i guess they would be considered perennial because they come back.
I know we discuss hollyhocks and foxglove on the perennial forum.

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh that would be great.. I will d-mail you my addie...

I just wrote Dave asking about a biannual er, I think its spelled biennial

forum! So will let you know if one gets on!

My Greenhouse Growers Manual refers to Sweet Williams as annuals...go figure!

To my knowledge, the Sweet Willies grow one season, come back and are done and have to re-seed themselves to keep going in one spot in the garden just like a holly hock.

I planted my hollyhock seeds already.. but did not do any foxglove.

Do you have the links to those forums? We can put them here and then figure out the planting dates to mark the calender if you would like.

Here is a re-cap pic for the dianthus!

Watseka, IL(Zone 5a)

Ok, no word on the biennial forum, but we can always chat on them here!

Its a rainy day again so I am working on the calender again...

Ok, pumpkins... heres the link:

I dont know yet if I am gonna do them. So for now I am gonna table them until next month to make a decision.. November 19th.. I will try to decide on a sowing date if I am gonna plant them in 09.

After what Fritz did...hmmmmmmm its kind of a tough decision to make!


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