Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

This is a list of threads I am hoping people will start.
And I hope other people will come up some ideas too!
I only have upright fuchsias in my collection, except for a couple of "mistakes" ;-)
So it would be great if someone who loved hanging baskets would start a thread about them.
I also have never, ever attempted to grow a fuchsia indoors. Before I started reading in the forums here, I would have declared it wasn't possible!! Ha! But there are plenty of people who have done so. In two radically different ways.
One, to over winter in a cold storage type of manner or other means of having them indoors just to get them through a cold winter. The other, to grow them as full time blooming houseplants with no intention of growing them outdoors. So it seems like two threads would be in order.
I am going to try my hand at it this winter, we'll see what happens, but it would be nice if someone who knew something about it started the thread.
Third or fourthly, I'd like people to start thinking about using their fuchsias in floral arrangements. I don't think this has been done much because most people think "hanging baskets" when they think of fuchsias. That they would put out branches with flowers fit for floral arrangements probably hasn't occured to too many people. But they do last a long time in vases.
I'll be looking forward to seeing what people come up with next spring in terms of floral arrangements with their fuchsias!
Last but not least, as hummer_girl mentioned early on in another thread, fuchsias make great bonsai! This again, is something I have never tried to do. But I am up for trying! My first attempt is going to be a F. magellanica alba. As it has a nice crumbly and interesting bark on it's trunk and those cute little flowers. I hope lots of us get a some started and lets see what happens!
Something to think about this winter........

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

You've certainly given me a lot to think about. Bonsai? Wow, wouldn't that be an eye catcher. I kind of like the idea. How tall was she talking? I'll try to find the thread. I'd be interested in keeping a couple of my new babies in pots for the patio. Training them to look like Bonsai never occurred to me. Indoor plants? With indoor cats? Hmm.

Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

Ha! Me too! My angel wing cane begonias have spent the summer outdoors under the nectorine tree and they are loving it! But they usually hang out on one of those mobile trays on the kitchen floor. But the kittens were trying to use them to climb on and they have just recently gotten big enough to be allowed into the fenced in front yard. They can get under the gate, yicks! So I had friends with dogs visit......the dogs on one side and the kittens on the other. They got an eye and ear full of the dangers on the other side of that fence!
The begonias though, cannot survive the winter out there :-(
And they are covered with pink flower buds now. I wonder if they'd be safe in the bathtub.... I don't know, that's the north side of the house and they need full on winter sun or they rot.
I'll see if I can find that thread, or that site hummer_girl mentioned. It's all about using fuchsias in bonsai! I have four bonsai pots and I'm trying to decide what I want to put in the other three.... If Amber Rose was trained upwards with wire like they do with bonsai, then the leaves would almost look like jade and she could hang just a little bit.

I thought I save that site!

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Thank you PC, that was kind of you to send me the link.
I don't know how many of those containers I have. I do have one sad but living Bonsai tree (my ES's).
Try bright south facing instead of west windows if you've run out of room on the west. Mirrors can help. My tub is wasted space and am thinking about bring in DH's most tender tropicals and placing them in the tub. Can't take a bath, 'cause the water heater can't fill it. Oh well. Might as well see how it does for plants too!
Great ideas. : - )

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