What, pray tell, is an "American Daisy?"

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Does anyone know?

I live in the (GREAT) state of Tennessee, proud home of the UT Volunteers.

Our school colors are a uniquely hideous shade of orange (some say PMS 151, but that looks too orangey to me; it seems the "true" UT orange is more gold than that), and white.

I admit that we must love (blindly) our team to purchase clothing in this hue, let alone wear it. But we do love them and we show our love every Saturday (sometimes on Sundays too--especially when we win a game ;o)

The commonly accepted story behind the orange-and-white colors is that a football player named Charles Moore in 1891 selected these colors, because they represented the "American daisy" which grew in profusion on the Hill (on UT's Knoxville campus.)

But I cannot find anything that gives the botanical name of this daisy.

Two guesses: Leucanthemum vulgare (ox-eye daisy) or some type of Rudbeckia (R. hirta, maybe?)

I guess I could make some inroads with the UT Ag Dept/extension folks I know; maybe they can point me to someone within the administration who might know the scientific name behind the history.

hmmm... a clue on this page says they grow "in profusion on The Hill"
I love a good mystery

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Yep...I've trekked the hill many times.

But flowers don't grow "in profusion" on it any more, and while I love the Lady Vols basketball team almost as much as the football team, I'm not sure their website's caretakers would know an oxeye from a rudbeckia ;o)

just from looking around (USDA & Google) since you posted my guess is the Leucanthemum vulgare (ox-eye daisy)... isn't it considered a noxious weed in Tennessee? At USDA it shows as an introduced species in all 50 states... boy it sure gets around.
Hope someone can tell you for sure.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I guess I should make it clear I'm not planning to plant the "daisies" (especially if they turn out to be an invasive or weedy thing.) I just want to know what plant they're referring to. It's more of a curiosity question than anything else.

oh Terry, hope my comment above didn't come across as judgmental... not my intention at all., just when I was looking at the USDA site I was hoping they would show a daisy native in Tennessee.. I thought that might be a clue.. I love trying to find the answers to quiestions like yours. The internet has made research so much easier than before. I'm not finding the identity of the mysterious "American Daisy" though.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I didn't take it that way, but I realized my question might have led someone to wonder if I was planning to plant a bank of them or something, so I thought I'd reassure anyone reading this that I'm just in search of a name, not a plant ;o)

If you find out which plant it is please post the answer here.
I've found one of the quickest ways to get an answer to a question I've wondered about, sometimes for years, is to post the question. Sometimes I'll find the answer myself within a very short time after posting, lol

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