What to do with this Amaryllis?

Newport News, VA

I have no information really about this plant. It has bloomed in the past but not for at least two or perhaps three years.

Last year it had many leaves and went dormant in the fall. This year I fed it all summer and it has really long leaves but did not flower. It is still quite lush and the leaves are very green even though I stopped feeding and watering it a month ago.

I do not know what to do to get it to bloom next year. I think it is pink but it may be deep red. It has been so long I just do not remember.

I live in southeastern Virginia, zone 7b. The plant overwinters on a heated sun porch. Should I maybe just put it in my unheated detached garage for the winter?


Zephyrhills, FL

Guy, If it is a Hippeastrum you're talking about,I believe I would let the plant do whatever it wants to do,and not withhold water,until it shows signs of going dormant. Not all hippeastrum bloom every year. Some Hippeastrum will go dormant one year,and not another. If you over fertilize with nitrogen,some Hippeastrum will grow lots of leaves,and not bloom. Because of the fact that at least ten different sets of genes are in modern Hybrids,from the original species,we get "surprises " of all kinds,sometimes.
Probably,you haven't been answered,because no one knows quite what to say about it,without "being there". I have grown many Hipeastrum,and have over a thousand seedlings of blooming size. Some don't bloom every year. One of my best took 12 to 14 years to bloom the first time.

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