Hackberry Trees, etc. #8

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Talking about fall gardens, and crazy pets and life in the far north, the far south, and somewhere in between.

We came from here: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1037317/

Charlie, please bring your last few pictures over to our new thread...expecially that of your starving kitty...

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks Sharon.
calico aster:

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Looking north (gdn #2).

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

"Got anything else to eat?"

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Resting between meals.
Carpet not very clean?
This is his chosen spot to bring up a meal.
When he exits this world, new carpeting will be his memorial.

Had better get to bed.
Nite Sharon.

(picture follows)

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Buddy and carpet:

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Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

That is one cool happy cat, Charlie.
You need to keep him, because you'll miss him when he's gone.

Nice day here today, beautiful weather in the mid to upper 70's.
My kind of day, but I think we are headed for rain tomorrow.

I hope we didn't lose Christi when we changed threads...
Guess she is very happy to be home again. Hope she got those puppies all cleaned up.

You all have a good evening, I'll see you tomorrow.

Christi...do I need to start now sending you maps to Kentucky?

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, not just yet. It is raining here for the 12th day in a row. Very dark at almost 9AM. Just as I thought, the brugs are blooming like crazy. Hard to get a good luck with all the rain. We have a leak in the family room (sunroom where I am now) that only shows up now and then. Hasn't leaked all this month and today....it is leaking. Towels everywhere. We had a good bit of rain while on the trip but the sun peaked through part of every day.
Heard on the tv that we are 6 inches above normal and it is still raining. Now that is at the airport some 50 miles from here. Often they report a trace when we have had an inch. Our rain gauge only goes to 5 inches and it has been emptied several times and fills right back to the top. Dark and dreary, may have to go back to bed for a bit. Still tired from the two days in the car. Didn't help the ladder that runs along my spine now either.

My cousin came by and stayed 4 hours yesterday. Soon after she left my next door neighbor (Becky) came and stayed a couple of hours. Mike was cooking shredded chicken dish so we invited she and Gregg for a bite. We have all missed each other.
I am blessed.


Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Do your leaves change colors? I can't remember. Ours do, but haven't yet. Not sure why that is, since usually by now we have lots of color. I can see one that might have a hint of gold in its leaves, but not all that close to me. I have one red and one yellow maple in my front yard. They form a sort of canopy over the driveway. Well, they did, until we had the Ice Storm of the Century last winter. Now they barely touch hands in a few places. Anyway, it is a glorious sight when they are in full color. But not yet....maybe soon. Last year the yellow one dropped its leaves all at once...goodness, I wanted to go outside and rolll around in them.

So it's still pretty green and is to be cooler today, somewhere in the 50's. I don't mind cool weather, but I would like to see some color.

You all have a great day, we'll talk tonight.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

We look like the first breathe of spring here. Guess it is the continuous rain. Everything is green, green, green. Trees haven't changed color nor dropped a leaf. The tropicals are really enjoying the rain and those that bloom....are blooming. Temps are hovering in the 60's. My greenhouse is soaked where the water has been standing all around it. Need a week to dry out so I can rearrange and get some of the tropicals potted and put inside. This is not usual. Even the birds are hiding somewhere, no one at the feeders.

Got to get myself up and going. These clothes are not going to launder themselves.



Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)


Bet you're still tired from trip.

Getting a fair bit of rain too, but not as much as you.
Also have a leak problem to get fixed, in basement (from metal rods that went through concrete). Not a big problem, but contractor found mould in the insulation: a bigger matter to fix. Not so bad, however, because the basement is not finished. As others have said, a house is a money sink hole. Still it's better than renting.

Nice to have Becky over. Catch up on news.

Sharon, sure you'll get colour. It's been slow here as well.

Good gardening weather here too, but a bit colder. Been some frost at night
(unusually early). Bit of a rush to cut stuff back and plant bulbs. Haven't even bought all of the latter.

Going to Town Council meeting tonight. Back tomorrow.


Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Hi Both,
Sure all busy.

Got blood etc. work done for upcoming routine annual medical test this morning. No food, and more to the point, coffee, for the twelve hours before.
Think Christi was saying that it is not etiquette to use capital letters, so it was all I could do to not put the word coffee, above, in capitals. Love coffee (much more than booze, or even Austrian tortes).

Quite cold here: several degrees above freezing point. Will be warmer next week. In getting Carol an indoor birthday plant, discovered a large new garden centre (Terra), with bulbs 30% off and perennials 70% off (latter including new and recent varieties of Echinacea)!

Off for a walk. Will try to get in better physical shape before the doctor sees me in November. Mothers of my Mum's generation used to say to kids, "If you don't have clean underwear and you have an accident, I won't come to hospital to see you". Now it's weight, not underwear, that bother me!

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

I fully understand the weight part, Charlie. Went to the doc in June and he put on me on a new med. Went back two weeks ago and didn't need him to tell me that I had gained 20 pounds! We have dropped the miracle drug and changed to something else. I am on a "cut back"---no red meat diet of my own making. Have already dropped 5 pounds. At 5 feet nothing that is an enormous amount of weight.

It is ok to use CAPITAL letters when you want to make a point in that we lack inflection. Just not the entire message. When I have to go without COFFEE in the mornings I actually do scream coffee. hahaha. (see, no way to let you know this is light hearted) Many people use: LOL = laugh out loud or ROFLOL = rolling on floor laughing out loud


Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Good work on the 5 pounds.

I'm lucky in not eating red meat: my problem is a sweet tooth and bread type things. Watching what one eats is a full time occupation!

Like you, don't like taking pharmaceuticals unless have to. Usually don't need or take the arthritis medication.

Carol's actual birthday is tomorrow: going to a place she likes for a few martinis and a light lunch. On Saturday, being taken out for breakfast by neighbour friends and in evening going with friends to the old inn I mentioned. Bit heavy on the food! Our evening friends are really into healthy eating and exercise, which at least is good.

I thought you liked coffee from what you were saying about your holiday.
Was brought up to tea, when young. Much prefer coffee now. Find tea in the morning is too hard on the stomach.

Thanks for the info re capitals and alternatives. I'm taking it that if a person writes LOL, they're saying that they are laughing out loud, not telling the reader to laugh out loud. Latter would be a bit presumptious!

Intending to watch Fringe tonight, a kind of modern version of a sci-fi series.
Beginning to think the show may be taking some license with physics, but it's quite action packed. Still saying how much we enjoyed Julia and Julie.
We had read criticism of the Julie actress' performance, but thought it was quite good. Meryl Streep (sp?) was fantastic.


Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Not posting much these days because I am tired, and when I am tired, I am very boring. And I hate boring. But the weather is chilly, mid 50's and I am shivering most of the time.

I have a feeling this will be a long boring winter.

I can't identify well with your talk of eating. It isn't something I think about much. I do enjoy soups at this time of year, and often love breads. Pretty yucky to eat alone though, so maybe that's it. But then I have never been a very big eater, so now I'm really not. I do enjoy seafood, however...and try to eat a lot of that.

And Meryl Streep is always fantastic, isn't she?

I still have not brought all my houseplants inside. Goodness, they are bigger than I am, and it isn't easy dragging and shoving them around. I thought about getting little halters and harnesses for the cats, see if they could mush like the Eskimo dogs pulling a sled, but dont think that'll happen. I should have put the plants on wheels years ago...I think about it this time of year, then forget it the rest of the time.

I rarely use those little symbols for emotions...like LOL...I can't ever remember them.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

I don't really care much for the symbols. Me thinks it comes from the text-ing people.

Happy Birthday to your lady, Charlie.

Just came in from a Bible study class. Still trying to deal with the loss of my grandson.
Six months yesterday. Told you, Sharon, I will be better when I quit acknowledging how many days......not there yet.

Good night all.


Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Good night, Christi...
Nite Charlie,
And Happy Birthday, Carol.

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Nite Christi,

Keep working at it. You'll be fine. You've got family, pets and friends who need you. And you see things with an interesting eye for detail.

Thanks, passing the greetings on.

Hi Sharon,

You're so lucky you've never been a big eater. I think they call it self-discipline.

For me at least, 'tired' means trying to do too much. For me again, 'much' means spending excessive time at a few things. I just couldn't do all the things you set yourself to do.

'Plants on wheels': I too have complained that members of the Kingdom Plantae don't have mobility. Mind you even if they did have legs, plants would be unlikely to follow instructions. Don't think the cats would make good huskies. Know from past experience that when we tried to walk three cats on leashes, they all insisted in going in different directions.

Know what you're saying about plants in heavy containers though, as have just had to empty large pots of dead annuals at several gardens.

Boring, Sharon. You! That'll will be the day. I just heard, re here, that we're in for a record breaking cold winter. Oh well. Lots of junk to sort out, in the house, anyway and think need a break from gardening.

Off to bed,
Nite, Charlie

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks Sharon,
Will pass the greeting on.

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Been MIA, but my son and grandson are here visiting, so I have been quite busy. Here is my little guy trying to find a leaf that is not green. No luck.

He's wearing my jacket, by the way...he was pretty proud of that.
Thinks that makes him grown up. Ha....

You all have a great rest of the weekend, I'll be back tomorrow.

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Have fun, Sharon.
Love the picture of the young guy.
Wearing the jacket: quite the sophisticate!
Will talk tomorrow.

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Hi Sharon and Christi,
Been "making merry".
Carol's birthday (part 1) was diner at Tim's and Julia and Julie film.
Part 2: actual day: martinis and lunch at Cachet.

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Buddy's gift:

Thumbnail by SunnyBorders
Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Saturday: Part 3.
Breakfast at Jonathan's with friends.

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Saturday: Part 4: Diner at Hogan's with friends.

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Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Not bad. Eh?
Though maybe a bit heavy on the food.
Watching diets today.

Got warmer again: lots of gardening to do, also clearing the basement walls for reinsulation, etc. Lots of junk in basement. Tim's contribution is a lot of old technology. I just counted 23 telephones (going back to the 1920s). And there's film projectors, carpet cleaners (oldest must be about 1900), duplicating machines (one is certainly 1920s), train lanterns, etc. Must say I have a fair bit of family stuff too. Recently came across zeppelin insurance (i.e. getting bombed by one) from 1915! Lots to do.


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

How perfect, Charlie. Did you arrange all these wonderful get-togethers with your friends?
Carol is a very lucky lady....


Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Carol did the same for me. Like to think what goes around, comes around.
We know some very nice people (including you and Sharon!).

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

She is indeed a very lucky lady. And Charlie....if I am not mistaken, you look as if you are having a pretty happy time as well....that better be you with that wonderful smile, surely I'm not mistaken!

My birthday's in November, maybe we could all get together down here for it....whattya say? I need some smiles like that!

What great photos, what great parties!

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

How sweet and wonderful. Afraid we tend to ignore birthdays. Long time habit.

Sharon my birthday is Oct..23. Not far away.

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Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Sharron. Mother Winter here. I just spent the day on a gardening sabbatical. I did ironing, and cooked for about 4 hours. I have a full week starting tomorrow with weather in the high 80s. Hurricane in Pacific may bring rain later in the week but I have been here since 1960 so bite me. I do not believe we will get a drop. I cooked vegetables, pork briskets and salmon patties. Also brown rice and black buffalo barley, which had to simmer for two hours because I do not have a pressure cooker. The Black Buffalo Barley is delicious and mixes well with many rices and vegetables. Very nutty and chewy. What you need to do young lady is plan a menu to cook on your day off, if you have one. I did so today. Our whole menu is cooked except for the salads. Of course you need to have a go with the flow husband like I have or be by yourself. Get a great one person place setting including a great wine glass. I got one for my mother when my father died. She set it out every night. It made her feel special at her table. Unfortunately, when mother died I went to the house to get the place setting and it was gone. I wanted to use it on special occasions but I think the house keeper took it and I did not want a battle anything at that moment. Take care of yourself. How is the new job going? Hope you are having fun. I will D-Mail you. I am really behind on two sisters but will probably catch up in two weeks. Had too many lives out of order. But we are fine. I left when the two old lovers were walking down the beach to discuss how they were going to tell their daughter. I love it and when we returned from Maui, everything got out of whack. Just take care of yourself because you are needed. Big Hug and Angels heading your way.

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Sharon...how great to see you here!!! It's about time I heard from you, thank you.

Now your menu sounds wonderful for a meat eater, so I'll have to whittle it down to fit me, trust me, too, I do have some elegant settings and occasionally I drag them out, dust them off, and use them, but now that you mention it, I'll do it more often.

So good to have you here. Folks, Mother Winter...(another Sharon) and I have been passing hugs back and forth for a while now. Both of us stay so busy we don't often linger, but it's for sure we think about each other every day. We even have grandsons named Ethan....speaking of, here he is today.

Thanks, Sharon....please come back and visit. Hugs and Angels back.

OOPS..hope I didn't already post this photo, too late now....

Thumbnail by Sharran
Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Certainly was having a pretty happy time, Sharon.

Couple, we were with, are among our oldest friends: both retired teachers.
Kathy is a human dynamo who starts her day making a list of things she intends to accomplish. I think the ancient Pythagoreans, in Italy, did the same. Like Kathy, Tod is an artist. Currently he's doing pinhole camera (makes his own equipment) photography at historic sites. Most recently he took pictures at Harper's Ferry, at locations to represent various events. He always does detailed historical research, War of 1812, U.S Civil War, etc., as well as the research into this type of historical photography.

If we lived closer, we'd certainly want to take you out Sharon , and Christi.
Birthdays can be a great excuse for a party. Think holidays (like Christi's recent one) are also very entertaining occasions. From your marina and roundup pictures, Sharon, I'd certainly say you're quite a sociable being yourself!

Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Great picture of Ethan, Sharon.
'The thinker' or is he watching TV?

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Sharron, the majority of my menu was vegan some what. The Barley was to die for, i will send you a package, along with a few bulbs. Blue or not maybe not blue but they will blend in and give you a great big hug... . Hope all is well, D-Mail me.

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Ethan was 'reading' DG, Charlie...
Actually he was looking at wildlife photos.

Quite possibly Rodin's The Thinker, too.

Thank you, Sharon.....I'll d mail you...

Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

Ahhhhhhh, an empty room...where are you???

It was a great day here, sunny and about 60, so beautiful. I even found a tree that was very nearly yellow.

Worked at the shop all afternoon...turning things around to include Halloween, though I don't like Halloween. Even so, it looks pretty good.

I hope your silence does not mean that anyone is ill....

Be well, maybe we'll talk tomorrow.

Thumbnail by Sharran
Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

Hi Sharon,
No. Busy, but need to take more breaks.
Clearing up deadline, before bulb planting deadline.

Really interesting to see you in action, in shop.

May know what you mean about Halloween. When was in physical anthropology, worked for a long time with human skeletons, but never thought skeletons were entertainment. Each had an individual story to tell. In DC, with the Terry Collection, there were morgue pictures, which also reminded you these were people. The sad part was they were unclaimed dead from city hospitals.

Guess also as one gets older, one begins to object to any entertainment focus on death. I do like the pumpkin motifs, however, as I see in your picture. Orange is a happy vibrant colour.


Aurora, ON(Zone 5a)

No pictures, so a bit of my poem "Buddy Bad Gas and Princess Pebbie".
Little Peebles was Buddy's sister (by adoption) and Buddy used to be close to 30 lbs. Poem is a work in progress and has reached four or five pages.

Buddy was so different.
He was awfully big.
And with his flabby body
resembled a tabby pig.

Since he was very fat,
he always was a mess.
Unable to groom himself
he gave up on cleanliness.

And when his coat got matted
and tangles dotted his fur,
Budd went in the carry case
and visited the groomer.

The trip was quite unpleasant,
because Buddy had the knack
of being sick going there
and being sick coming back.

And if we were unlucky
and the van hit a bump,
it wasn't simply Buddy's puke
he also had a dump.

Arriving at the groomer's,
it pains me to tell,
Budd tried to kill the groomer
and the vet as well.

And when anyone came near him,
he'd swear and curse and hiss.
And we felt the need to explain
he really wasn't like this.


Calvert City, KY(Zone 7a)

"Arriving at the groomers,
It pains me to tell,
Budd tried to kill the groomer
And the vet as well..."

Oh good grief, Charlie, I laughed so hard Jazz and Daisy came running. They did not think it a bit funny but said:

"Oh you poor Buddy,
Misunderstood as you are...
Please dust yourself off
And get in the car.

Come on to Kentucky
It isn't so far
Just hitch your little wagon
To the nearest southern star.

No bumps will befall you
You won't be sick at all
Just set yourself southward
We'll catch you if you fall.

We'll pick you up, we'll dust you off
It's not that we will mind
Your problem's with that Charlie
And we'll leave him far behind."

With love to Buddy,
Jazz and Daisy

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