Off Topic : Need to place 2 kittens in NC

Valdese, NC(Zone 7a)

Hello pet lovers,

I have had three, male kittens since April. They are all brothers and almost identical. They are around 7 months old. I went to get one kitten back in April saw that their owners couldn't care less, and took all three. They are orange tiger kitties. They know how to use a litterbox or can be outside only cats. Super friendly even with children. I have a 19 month old who can carry them around. They arent shy even with strangers, and are great mousers. They keep the squirrels away too. Very healthy, loving, and playful.

I plan on keeping the one who has been my baby since I got them in April. The other two can go free to a good home only. I can give pics to serious inquiries only.

I am located in Eastern North Carolina in the Piedmont region.

I posted in Pets but thought this regional forum might be more of a help.


Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Hi Danielle,
I love cats, too. I'm in a rural area and they just show up on my property. As you probably already know, no kill shelters are always full. I've spent a fortune on spaying and neutering - the last little kitten to show up was pregnant. I thought she was just putting on weight until she was so too far along to abort the litter. I now have five beautiful kitties, and I won't take them to a shelter that kills. Just wanted you to know that I feel your pain.

Raleigh, NC

would help you out in a heartbeat, Danielle, I could use a yard cat for snakes, mice and voles! But our dog does NOT like cats, and DH won't do anything that might upset his "best friend." LOL

Kannapolis, NC

Flower: I hate to be nit picky, but you're in the western part of NC if you're in Valdese.

Raleigh, NC

I wondered about that myself!!! Valdese is over near Ruthfordton, west of Hickory.

Valdese, NC(Zone 7a)

Lol yes I am in the west part of NC. I dont usually read over my posts before posting them. I am sure when I wrote the original part I was distracted by by 19 month old daughter. She has been quite a handful lately. I am between Hickory and Morganton.


I only have 1 kitten left. He is more independent, but still friendly. Perfect for the person who wants a cat who isn't overly needy. He is the "typical" cat everything is on his own terms. He is curled up next to me on the couch now running in his sleep.


Winston-Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

how cute! I wish my bf would let me get a kitty!

Johns Island, SC

There really is some humanity left...! My wife and I recently found a group of young kittens...skinny, scraggely things..."feral cats" best decription, at our boat club (rural, isolated). Who cares about that? Apparrently, more than just us! The first week we noticed them, they were skin and bones...clearly "not doing well". To make a long story short, they are fat and happy now! Apparently, other boat club members saw the same thing, and acted accordinly. To make a long story short, these precious little kittens have made it through the humps...

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