October 14th, 2009: Tall Bearded Iris 'Rhinelander' (Iris ) by Margiempv

The Bloom of the Day for October 14th, 2009 was Tall Bearded Iris 'Rhinelander' (Iris ).

View the bloom of the day here: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/botd.php?date=2009-10-14

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

Love that color, very pretty!

(Zone 1)

Beautiful, I too love that color! Great photo!

Oro Valley, AZ(Zone 9a)

Thank you for your kind comments. This color, purple, reminds me of Royalty, and of Passion. I believe that each of us has a bit of Royalty in us, as well as Passion. Royalty to stand tall - recognizing how important we all are to each other, and a Passion to achieve anything we put our minds to. ^_^

~ Margie

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