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how to switch to organic(ish) need recipies!

Milford, CT(Zone 6a)

I have been gardening for years..
I have been composting regularly and stepped up the compost piles of leaf, straw from chicken bedding, garden, and kitchen waste to do the majority of the garden every year as opposed to a section every year. Partly due to cost, partly to a healthier garden and food.. mostly to achieve a more natural and healthy living soil. I am attempting a switch to homemade organic soil feeding.

probably easier than it sounds in all the different threads - hopefully I am not over simplifying it and everyone can help fill in the blanks as I prep for next years garden.

I used to till and drop 10-10-10 of whatever was a good price three times during the season and compost areas in a rotation. adding specific blends locally to heavy feeders. I believe after trolling this forum that instead, I should be able to till in 2 inches of compost in the fall and spring and water with a 2 gallon hose can monthly with an epsom salt and vinegar with fish emulsion and bone meal. (or some similar recipe) for a general fertilizer. I'm working with just over 2000 square feet.( flower, iris, and berry beds included)

the heavy feeders I will hit with an extra feed.. like extre vinegar in the berries and extra something (not sure yet ) for asparagus and roses..

I could use help filling in blanks or hearing recipies for general and specific fertilizers.

Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

This guy has Steve Solomon's recipe on his site:

I haven't used it myself, so I can't personally vouch for it, but plenty of people online have & do. I plan on mixing some up for myself next season.

Steve Solomon wrote "Gardening When It Counts" which I thought was one of the best books on growing food I've ever read.

Milford, CT(Zone 6a)

that looks like a pretty simple mix.. I am going to see what is available here... I will have to see what is at the agway next time I head up for feed.

south central, PA(Zone 6b)

I keep it simple - just sprinkle on bone meal and blood meal according to package directions - or often 1/2 of what they call for (in the Spring). And we "sheet compost" I guess it's called - we have one or two fallow plots in our vegetable rotation garden and just dig in all compostable materials as we have them. All we have grown seems happy.

Sometimes I water with fish emulsion during the growing season - especially on hungry plants like tomatoes.

To prepare blueberry bed, I dug in garden sulphur and grass clippings this Fall. Will add peat moss, blood and bone meal and maybe something for potash in the Spring.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I suggest you do a soil test on a bed that you suspect is "played out" and needs fertilization before it goes back into rotation. It is possible to get your soil chemicals and minerals "out of balance" even when using organic amendments and fertilizers. You don't want to build up an excess of something that isn't being used up in rotation.
I'm planning out my own rotation - the bed that isn't being used will be planted in "green manure" to till in to build up humus and nitrogen levels, followed by legumes while it finishes breaking down, followed by heavy feeders. I wasn't going to worry about adding things other than humus and nitrogen unless I suspect a problem.

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