CLOSED: Brown furry spider with a stinger

Pittsburgh, PA

I apologize that this spider is not alive, but after it crawled out from under my couch and was heading towards me or the steps going to my child's room, I could not let him take a chance at biting any of us.

So here's what I think-I looked up some pictures and it looks most like a grass spider or a funnel web spider. However, there are a few photos out there of wolf spiders that slightly resemble this guy. He had about a 1/2 inch long body and inch long legs. I'm sorry I didn't think to get pictures of his eyes, so I hope you can figure it out with what little we have to worth with here.

Also, we are in Southweastern Pennsylvania if that helps.

Thumbnail by SeaJa
Sinks Grove, WV

The presence of obvious spinnerets along with the pattern on the cephalothorax point to this being one of the grass spiders in the genus Agelenopsis. These are not aggressive and are harmless to humans, although one larger than this may bite if you picked it up carelessly.

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