Hoya Alert - H. compacta at Walmart

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

I just saw three of the healthiest hoya compacta (hindu rope hoya, or rope hoya) in 6" hanging pots at Ajax Walmart. They're Exotic Angel plants and labelled more or less correctly. If they're in Ajax Walmart, they're bound to be in other Walmarts in the GTA. I couldn't see a price anywhere unfortunately, but I doubt they're charging more than $15.


North Augusta, ON

ackkk!! My Walmart has stopped getting EA plants :((

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

3gardeners sent me on a mission, and once there I caved and bought two last night - one for me and one for her. It was quite a pleasant surprise when I found out they were only $11.88!! Amazingly healthy plants. There's still two left in the Ajax store...nudge...nudge...

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(Zone 1)


Very nice specimens and Wow, very nice price as well! Our Home Depot's, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Targets have had no EA Hoyas this entire year! Last year they always had 6" baskets for $9.98 and 10" baskets for $12.98 - lots of compacta, carnosa's KP & carnosa KQ, brevialata, DS-70 and wayettii ... now NO Hoya's to be found! The only EA plants I've seen this year are ivy ... baskets and baskets of ivy! I've been saying that Hermann Englemann Greenhouses must be sending all the Hoyas up north, LOL. The greenhouse is about 50 miles from me over near Orlando and we get no hoyas ... no fair! ^_^

I'm hoping next year we will be seeing them in our garden centers again! I did order australis from their website earlier this year ... a really nice, large healthy plant that was @ $24 including shipping. I ordered the linearis too, which was a gorgeous full basket, same price ... but it bit the dust real fast! So, those are great finds, healthy looking plants, and at a great price - can't beat it!

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

You're right, its not fair at all Lin! There's so few stores in our area that carry hoya; I always look when I'm in Home Depot, Lowes, stores like them that have reasonable plant sections and I rarely find anything. Walmart occasionally does; I found curtisii at the same store couple of years ago.

The really large garden centre/nurseries will often have Krimson Queen. I once saw wayetti, but they were so infested with mealies and white fly that I started scratching (I subsequently wrote an email to the nursery lambasting them for allowing plants for sale to be in such a dreadful condition). I've been able to get dwarf carnosa 'Holliana' too, but it never lives long for me or anyone I know.

Hoyas just aren't as popular as other larger flowering plants; and yet when I show people pictures of flowers they always are fascinated. When I show them actual flowers they're totally amazed.

Oh well, more for us; we'll just have to dig harder for them that's all.


(Zone 1)

I will be looking everywhere I go! I'm going to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my sister for a couple of days next month and she always takes me to a great nursery near her! One year I shipped a huge box back home to myself to arrive the day I got home so my husband didn't have to deal with it. I found pretty begonia's and other stuff (didn't know about Hoya's then!%$# but you better believe I will be looking the next time! I hope to get down to south Florida to see my older sister after Thanksgiving and have written down the addresses of a couple of nurseries near her that I hope to get to visit as well!

hmm ... can one ever have too many Hoya's??

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

I sincerely believe not Lin. LOL


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