(Terri ) South Bosto, VA(Zone 7a)

Last weekend a skunk sprayed in our garage but we couldn't find whatever it was that got the load. The dogs seemed ok, not too smelly so we don't think they got any on them.

I live about 5 hours away, as the only job I could find was up north near DC so I am only home today and a few hours tomorrow. DH lives at home with our dog (the other 2 went home with my daughter) and so, of course, nothing was done to take care of the smell. Now our dog reeks because he puts her in the garage while he works and so does the garage and our house because they both walk through the garage and carry the smell in with them. AARGH!

Does anyone have the recipe for the deskunking bath they can give me? Also, any suggestions on something to use to wash the garage floor and the dog beds?

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