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"A Gardner’s Nightmare" by ....Scarediecat:)

Ashland City, TN

Last night I dreamt of mutiny in my garden dear.
Unworthy flora through my fences did peak and leer.
Enticing words were whispered for my lovelies to hear.
I must stop them or my hard work will disappear.

Shush…listen as bamboo pleads her case.
Elegant yet aggressive her twined does make.
Shyly she argues, “how can she aggravate?”
Then slyly glories in her latest take.

“Why hate me” Mimosa cries to men?
Pink flowers, so fragrant, graceful limbs that bend.
Fluttering lids denying what a pest she’s been.
Sends forth her brood to conquer once again.

Next in judgment the Dandy Lion quotes his creed.
Yellow peddles so sunny from his presence even flowers recede.
“How can you call my grandeur just a weed”?
Spinning quickly, he bequeaths the wind to spread his seed.

The thistle bristles at what’s been implied.
It’s purple beauty conceals it’s hateful pride
“I’ll stick you and stab you if you don’t step aside."
Pushing forward his advances won’t be denied.

Don’t let them know your planning to eradicate their kind.
Whisper quietly from those poisons you hide behind.
If your not as cleaver as they are you will find.
Your lawns and gardens will join them if they’re so inclined!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

LOVE IT Scaredie!

I am going to copy and take to work to post. My patients will love it - they work so hard in their gardens and often gather during their exercise time to wail and weep over the invaders!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Very Good. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this. I'm gonna read it to my family!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Love your user name! LOL

Ashland City, TN

Thanks everyone. I've been gone awhile so I missed the updates. Thanks again...

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