how to dig up amaryllis

St. Simon's Island, GA(Zone 9a)

Here in Louisiana, our Amaryllis can stay in the ground all year long, with no problems. But, we are hoping to move over the winter, and I have a few Amaryllis that I could never find again, and I want to take them with me. The foliage is still plenty green, and no signs of dieback yet. How do I dig them, store them, to be replanted next spring at the new place? Thanks for any help.

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

Amaryllis are remarkable hardy, it takes an awful lot of abuse to kill them. If I were moving a large number, I would dig them up, and use a string to loosely attach a plant tag with the cultivar's name to the neck of the bulb. I'd leave the green tops on them, put them all into a bucket with dirt over the roots, withhold water so they go into dormancy on their own, and move the bucket in the spring. When you replant them, I bet they will come out of dormancy fairly quickly. They could be stressed enough not to bloom next year, but they should be fine. Probably the least stressful way for the bulbs, but more work for you, would be to mark the amaryllis in your flower beds with a stake so you can easily find them when they are dormant. I imagine that your ground doesn't freeze hard, so you should be able to dig them when you move. It would be a shame to leave them behind.

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