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Victoria, TX(Zone 9b)


W/t/c dressage equitation, 1st place, 63%. Judge's comments - short strides at the trot, solid transitions, rider position needs some work (legs in front of seat bones, not driving with pelvis). I've found that, if I drive Ransom with my seat, he's hard to keep collected.. I put serious effort into each of my transitions, making sure they were in clear sight of the judge. We each cantered one at a time during the class, so I also made sure they were clear to see. No sense in trying to hide my transitions or my eq, since the whole point of the class was to get feedback.

Training Test 1 - 61%. ew! We'd had over an hour break from eq to 1, and it showed. I warmed him up lightly before the test, and perhaps it was either too much or not enough. Ransom broke to canter when he shouldn't have, got the wrong lead on the first canter trans, and I felt a bit out of control in all canter work. Trots were short-strided, and generally yuckie feeling.

Shook it off quick, b/c Training 2 was up next , with no riders in between. The judge also cleared her mind, because we did much better. 67%. Much Much better, huh? Our canter circles got us 8s, half of his trots were 8s, with her commenting he'd "opened his stride up, staying collected." Square halts, and a bunch of solid transitions. I have no clue what happened from one test to the next, but Ransom and I decided it was a job well done. (half way into test 2, a cargo train rumbled past the show arena, slow, but very close. we'd seen it a few times already w/o incident, so I was happy & satisfied as the train approached & departed in our test, Ransom didn't even look up at it).

Pictures should be around soon. They're on BF's camera, and he's got a full work week. Soon I hope I can show a few...

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