Anyone live near Brooklet, GA???

Alpharetta, GA

I am looking for someone who lives near Brooklet, GA to look at an arabian horse for my boss. She really wants me to drive down and ride/look at the horse but I really don't want to make the 4 hour trip (one way) with my 3 year old. If anyone would be willing and able just let me know - I would really appreciate it!!!


Social Circle, GA(Zone 8a)

I don't even know where that is! Will have to look it up! She wants an arabian for.....what discipline?

Alpharetta, GA

Hey Jenks! You aren't near it - it is near Savanah. I think she wants english but this one in particular will ride western or english. He sounds really nice but of course often adds sound better then they really are. She is bringing home her 27 year old Arabian mare and wants another one for company. She also wants the new one to be ridden by her 8 year old daughter. She is not a strong rider but has also not had the opportunity to ride much. Fran has ridden Arabians her whole life and grew up showing them. She has had her 27 years old her whole life.

Anyway, I am not driving it as 10 hours round trip is too much for me and my 3 year old for one day. I haven't told her that yet. Hope all is well with you!

Social Circle, GA(Zone 8a)

Hmmm. I'll check around to see if anyone near me wants to place an old show horse. Jorge comes to mind....he may be too old, but still going!

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