Over-wintering Caladiums

Emmaus, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi. This was my first year growing caladiums and I just love them. I want to try to keep them over the winter to plant again next year. I dug them up on Sunday and they have been lying on some newspaper in my kitchen ever since. What is the procedure for storing the bulbs and then planting them outside next year? Do I clean them? With water or a dry brush? Where and how can I store them? We have a semi-furnished basement, but it has no windows and is usually around 55-60 degrees over the winter (we don't bother to heat it most of the time). Can anybody give me a clue? I've never tried over wintering plants before, but I just can't accept these beauties are annuals around here! Thanks!


Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)

The conditions in your basement are absolutely perfect for storing your bulbs. Remove all the leaves and stems (I hope you left them on the bulbs when you dug them!) when they are dry as paper. Wrap each bulb separately and loosely in newspaper so they don't touch. Put them in boxes or bags loosely, so some air can circulate. Replant them in the spring at the same time you planted them this year. Best of luck!
People will tell you to dust them with sulphur. That's not necessary, but doesn't hurt anything.

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