Australian Bird

Inland S.E QLD , Australia

Anyone know what type of bird this is . Inland south east Queensland.. west of the Great Dividing Range.The back feathers are an iridescent green in the sunlight.

Thumbnail by brical1
Barmera, Australia

That's a Cuckoo Brical. Three possibilities "The Little Bronze Cuckoo" or the more likely "Shining Bronze Cuckoo" or even more likely "The Horsfield Bronze Cuckoo" that is found all over Australia including Tas.

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Sandusky, OH

Found your bird its a Horsefield's bronze Cuckoo. Found here

Inland S.E QLD , Australia

Thank you Stake & Burd ...yes it is a Horsefield's bronze Cuckoo!

Sandusky, OH

Np brical1, glad to been able to help. :)

Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

to me your picture looks more like the Shining Bronze-cuckoo:
The Horsefield Bronze-cuckoo: has a brown stripe through the eye, the barring on the breast does not meet across the breast and it is much less iridescent green on its back.
Both species should be about in inland SE Queensland,


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