Can you help ID his name?

Portland, OR(Zone 6a)

A friend moved and tossed me this guy so I want to learn more about him. What can I do to to make his environment better? New soil? New Home? Right now he is facing an East window at 4:00 PM - pretty good for Portland this time of the year.

I have searched through many brom's here but none looks like him. It would be nice to know who his parents are.

Would you Brom expert help me?


Thumbnail by hocasatown
Springfield, MO(Zone 6a)

Impossible to tell until it blooms. Best guess... either an Aechhea or Neoregelia since both genera have quite a few species that grow on long stolons. The length of the stolons suggests that your plant is fairly old. The option to cut the stolons and root the plants seperately is purely a personal choice. Many of these guys look really good in a hanging basket.

I would guess that a little more light is needed whenever I see Bromeliad leaves a bit long and skinny. But do it gradually.


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