Towels have one-inch cut after washing

Ontario, CA

About 6 of my towels have had a one-inch cut in the middle somewhere over the past few months. I don't know whether the cuts were caused by the washer (a Whirlpool Duet) or the dryer (GE Profile electric). Have anyone had the same problems? I have inspected inside the drum and did not see any damage.

An interesting observation - all the cuts are horizontal, never at an angle.

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North Augusta, ON

If it were my towels I would be looking for a Man to blame...

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

LOL threegardeners. Are the towels regularly hung up on a hook in your bathroom in the same spot? Could it be wearing through at that point and then tearing? That's odd!

Vancouver, Canada

This is so strange... did all 6 towels get washed at the same load when it happened? Or at different times over the past few months?

Poughkeepsie - Hyde , NY(Zone 4a)


Sometimes when the washer is not balanced, on the spin, (mostly due to not weight unbalance) clothing will be spun in such a way as to tear the cloth near the top of the tub. This is the reason the tear is the same each time. This will happen to light weight items quicker as they will float higher in the water if there is nothing heavy in the tub to keep them down. Keep small things in a washing bag.

I have had tears and this is my experience.


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Interesting Nancy. But, are they all in the same place on the towel? I can understand the crosswise, they are following the grain.

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