How long do ornamentals last?

Westbrook, CT(Zone 6a)

A person passing past our pepper patch admired some small ornamental pepper plants and suggested that I pot them up and enjoy them indoors during the winter. As a northerner (and remembering the annuum in their name) I always assumed that when fall came, pepper plants died. However I saw some pictures of ornamentals in pots in DG PlantFiles, so...

Can someone tell me if peppers planted in the spring would last indoors if I potted them up in November? FYI: the plants commented upon were Chilly Chili's plus another one, something Rainbow (the tag was smudged).

Moss Point, MS(Zone 8b)

The "annum" in the name is a bit of a confusion factor for me. I've overwintered dormant plants in the greenhouse. The frost got everything above ground and I just set them in there and watered about once a month so they wouldn't dry out completely. I cut the stalk once it turned brown and in the spring when they liked the light and temps they came back better than ever. I don't get real cold like you do.

Maybe Ozark will come along. He's got a plant about 10 years old.

North Hills, CA

I have a Habanero Arbol thats well over 7 or 8 yrs old-I think close to 9 or 10.

Manzano thats 3 going on 4yrs old.

It's the plant growing as tall as the shed...It'll grow 15+ ft. long if I let it

Mine are outside year round-What is that winter thing I hear people talk about? :)


A late response but I just ran across this post.
All capsicums are perennial in tropical conditions
The "Annum" was added because most are grown as annuals--It is confusing.

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