northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Can anyone make a recommendation on a dehumidifier? I need something. My house just has this damp icky feeling all the time. Now that it's getting cold out, my windows are covered in moisture on the inside. I know in another month or so, it will be freezing and I will have to scrape them to see out. The floors take forever to dry when I wash them. Funny thing, though, the basement doesn't seem damp at all, just the main floor of the house. Any ideas?


Gold Beach, OR(Zone 9a)

I am surprised no one had an answer for you. I live on the southern oregon coast and my house is DAMP. I have one from Sears, had it for years and it works fine. Its loud. I don't like noise so I run it at night, it elimates the nasty drippy windows in the morning. Also if you get condensation on your toilet. They say you need a certain size for size of room, I run mine in the main room all night with bedroom window open, I did not pay any attention to the directions, it works fine. I could not live without it. I empty it every 3 days or so, I think the recepticle is 2.5 gallons, thats a lot of water to remove.

Lots of people do not realize how useful they are. Whenever I paint, I run it and it makes the paint dry super fast. I also turn it on when I mop the floor.

It will warm up your house as well, and it removes that damp, musty odor. I have had mine for almost 10 years and never had problem.

I would say get to the store and buy one.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Thanks Rebeccanne, I had forgotten about this thread. I never did get one, and now that it's getting cold out, the windows are covered with condensation again. I will get to Sears and check theirs out. Maybe not this weekend, the stores are crazy with shoppers, but during the week I will go and look.

Thanks for your recommendation!


Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

I was searching for info on weather anyone uses the water from the dehumidifiers to water their plants and found this thread. When using the DH it is best to have the windows closed for full effect. It is going to try and pull the moisture from the outside air also. We run two of these things in the basement from spring to fall here in Z:5. During the winter if the room isn't warm it is not going to do much. I empty them every morning and they are at least three quarters full. It all depends on your settings. If you set it on high with low humidity settings it will run all the time. I personally don't believe this is necessary unless you are using this setting for a specific purpose, i.e. painting, high moisture level etc. Mike

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