Hydro Cukes in a Trash Can

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Anyone growing hydroponically this season?

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Not growing in Just nutrient water this year.
Making some wood framed water reservoirs that are lined with heavy black plastic with wood cover.
growing in white grow bags that have 3 3/4 inch net cup out the bottom like they do in the global buckets and these cups sit in the reservoir . Filling reservoirs with nutrient fish water. Aquaponics.
Filling earthbox reservoirs with fish water too. Raising Catfish.

Posting a picture of Example of what the boxes look like except shallower and each box has enough space for "8" 5 gallon grow bags or buckets and each 5 gallon will have two single stem tomato plants. The boxes are 2ft x 4ft and the reservoir holds 11 gallons of water. Still making the boxes. Have all the supplies. Making them during my spare time.
I had some scrap wood laying around and decided to make these last year. This year, I cut their depth in half to make twice as many boxes.

Edited= the picture was a Deep Water culture with air stones in the nutrient water. The newest setup won't have air stones. Holes in the side of the grow bags or buckets will supply air to the roots.

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SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

How did your hydroponics test turn out with the cukes? I'm only gonna do maybe two 32-gallon trash cans with cukes. My ground space is at a premium, and since I intend on letting some watermelons run the perimeter space, I have to get creative with the cukes placement. So, I'm hoping to go "up" instead of "out."


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