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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I posted this in General Discussion too - but on second thought -- I thought I'd ask in this forum also.

I have read (and found to be true) that the supermarkets are scaling back on offering multiple brands of like items and are not keeping as large an inventory, etc. etc. in response to decreasing sales. My beef is that the stuff on the shelves more and more often is out of date -- or so close to the date that the item couldn't be completely used before the date arrives. Last evening I bought rice wine at a 'Fresh' market --- a really nice supermarket but sort of pricey (I order my turkery from there each year - I like their brand.) Anyway, I am wondering if it is just me that has noticed this. This is at least the 10th time in about 3 months that this has happened. I do make it a habit to check dates most of the time...but I was in a rush ... Once home, I looked and sure enough... This has happened with all sorts of items. I don't recall it being much of an issue before last year. Last week my husband picked me up a few already prepared Taco Bell meals - I think he picked up 5 or 6. Two were a week or two from the date and the others were 3/4 into next year. (By the way - these aren't loaded with salt and two of the types - no gluten - and not a ton of calories -- that is pretty hard to find in already prepared foods that can be taken to work.) Peanut oil a few weeks ago (a leading brand) was out of date and that is usually dated pretty far in advance. The supermarkets happily take it back...but it is a real pain. Are you all experiencing the same things - or am I just shopping in the worng places. I mostly shop at Walmart food stores or Harris Teeters or Krogers - all failry large supermarket chains and so the food should turn over pretty often.

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Hmmm, I believe I'll be checking the dates on more than just the bread and dairy.

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