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What color countertop ?

Crestview, FL(Zone 8a)

Hi all ... I have finished repainting our kitchen cabinets have replaced most of the appliances to stainless steel. I am now looking into getting the counter top replaced with granite and with so many choices out there it is hard to decide. I have been to 3 stores and so far all three have recommended either the Uba Tuba or the Verde Butterfly which have both the greenish black tinge to it. I wonder why??? is it because it is cheaper of all granites and they probably make their most money on it? ;-)

It is hard to make a decision when all you see is a 4x4 piece sample of the stone . I cant get a bigger picture of what and how it would look like in my very small kitchen. I have searched the internet and it seems it will look good on a white cabinet but my kitchen doesnt get the natural light so only artificial lighting is available.

I was leaning towards a beige/tan color but wasn't sure about that either. I have SW Bamboo shoot ( green) wall color and the base board and door trims are all in brown color. I would appreciate any input any one can give me. I am going today to go and look at another store and see what they have .

here is my newly painted cabinet - with the old appliances.


Thumbnail by flagardener
Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

I would make sure the green of the wall is a good match for the green in the granite. Sometimes the greens can clash. Other than that my preference is for a small bit of white mixed in the granite if the cabinets are white. My friend just put in the butterfly with green (and it has a bit of a copper in it too) and it looks good but her cabinets are natural and she has wood flooring and so it is very warm. She put in chili/and melon swirled glass pendants and they really pop over that counter (doesn't sound so hot but it is very warm and spicy mix.)

Have you looked at black - with the stainless steel and the white cabinets it may be striking. Especially if you have little natural light. I am not sure how easy/hard black is with regard to keeping clean and fingerprint free.

A few weeks ago at Fergusons (plumbing store) I saw a granite with the word 'beach' in the descriptor...I didn't write it down thinking I'd remember (I don't!) it had a speck of white mixted with mostly browns and tans and black specks..- beautiful. They paired it with a Swanstone black quartz sink and it was beautiful. My brother who lays tile for living and see's a lot of renovations and new construction has told me about a granite that he thought would be horrible but says it is stunning when installed -----he says it has spots like a leopard about the size of a quarter. (Doesn't sound so good but he says it hasn't missed yet!) Also the granite can also found not polished -- I haven't seen it installed yet. That might help with your lighting since the florescent won't be able to 'bounce' around as it might with a polished surface.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

With white cabinets, you could go with pretty much any color granite you want. And paint is cheap so if you find a shade of greenish granite that you love but it doesn't quite go with the walls, you could always repaint the walls. So I'd look for a granite that catches your eye and go with it, don't stress out too much about whether it'll match well or not. If you're worried about the kitchen being too dark then you could go for a lighter color, but be aware that if you have a family who tends to spill things and you slack off at all on reapplication of sealer, stains will show a lot more on light granite than they would on dark. Anyway, I think light cabinets will have a way bigger impact on how light & bright the kitchen feels vs the countertop--I've seen kitchens that had light cabinets and really dark countertops and they've still felt light & bright.

If you really, really don't want to change your wall color under any circumstances, then given the current colors I would go either for something in the pale gold/tan to dark brown color range depending on how dark you want to go. Black could work too, but with the green on the walls I would stay away from green granite.

Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

Uba Tuba is pretty indestructible stuff, unlike some of the more fragile colored granites. 'Granite' is usually a misnomer; most of the stones sold as granite actually aren't technically granite. Some need sealing, some don't. There are different finishes: glossy, honed, leather, antiqued/flamed. You will need to see samples as some folks have complained that their beautiful strongly patterned granite looked very different in a matte finish than when they saw the glossy sample.

The best source of kitchen photos (BTW, broadband helps with any photo-heavy site, and this is one of them) is the Finished Kitchens Blog, started by folks from the "other" home & garden website. On the upper RH side are some 'one-touch-buttons' that you can use. The most useful one for you is the FKB Categories button. It will open up a page that allows you to easily set-up search categories, which in your case would probably be Cabinets, White, so you can see what other folks have chosen as their countertop choice.

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