Anyone have some advice for a front yard design?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My neighbor is going to cut down the 3 spruce trees in between out lots (near by back yard gate) We had to trim them up to keep the branches off the roofs and also to be able to walk to my back gate. At one point they had hung so low, they would scratch the neighbor's car when she went in & out of the garage. A really silly place to plant spruce trees.

Anyways, thought I would remove one blue spruce (on the left in the picture) in my front yard. DH will not part with it, even though previous owners had lopped the top off several years ago and now it has 5 leaders. What would you recommend with that tree? I have a hard time to over winter grass under the tree, so I was thinking that a round iron bench/plant stand combo would be interesting. yes no?

We are going to redo the sidewalks in the spring. They will be much wider and curve around the house to the back gate. The new walkway will be as wide as the gate. I am also going to change the flowerbeds a bit as well. Some of the curves are a little out of proportion.

The house faces West and the blue spruces do help shade the late afternoon sun for the front rooms of the house. That is the main reason DH wants to keep both blue spruce. It does provide privacy as well.

So, how would you recommend a design change on the left that includes the blue spruce?


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