Should I trim my peony down for the winter?????????

Bay City, MI

I just bought a home and it has a beautiful established pink peony. Should I trim the shoots for winter?

North Augusta, ON

I don't. I just let it "melt" down from the frost and clean it up in the Spring. If you prefer a more tidy look then yes, you can.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Is it a herbaceous peony (these die to the ground in winter) or a tree peony? If it's the latter, don't cut it down at all. If it's the former (which are more commonly grown), then threegardener's advice is great. Peonies also have fall colour that would be shame to miss.

Athens, PA

My only concern about not cutting back your peonies after they have died down for the winter is if there is any disease, it can be carried through to the next year by the foliage. Please see the "Management Strategies" in this article

Stratford, CT

I would like to know if anyone in my area Stratford CT has a Californian Lilac ,a friend has one in the Uk know they originate in California ,but wondering about the cold temps WE get here
This is my friends in Coventry UK

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(Zone 5b)

Limey you should post your question under a new thread, it's hidden here and people may not see it. I'm sorry i don't know the answer.

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