Africanized Honey Bees

Forestville, NY

Here a good website on AHB

Sunland, CA(Zone 9a)

At the recent CSBA meeting in San Diego, one of the beekeepers indicated that his bees, based on wing length, looked to be guaranteed AHB. When he sent samples in for DNA/morphometrics, they all came back negative - all of his bees tested as European stock. So, just be aware that the wing test is fallible.

Also, they're finding in surveys that the AHB seems to avoid moving any farther from the equator than the 34th parallel in either direction. There is, conveniently for us here in the states, much more land above the 34thN than below the 34thS... Those folk in NoCal lucked out and have little to fear from those sun-loving yet irritable apis.

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