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Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Question

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Does anybody use this software? I just got it to replace an older version. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my photos compressed to email or upload to Dave's etc. In the old version you just had to select the picture and click on email. Then it compressed it so you could get it from the outgoing email folder and send it wherever you wanted. This is really important because I do eBay and if I have to upload large files it is going to take forever. Please help!
The thing I hate about this software already is the help seems to all be online. No index of things to look at without being connected. God I hate upgrades!


Falls Church, VA(Zone 7a)

How old was your older version, Juanita?

I have v.6, and it's got a "Save for Web" function under the File menu. The default resolution goes to 72 for viewing on screen, and you can change the dimensions and file size there, with a side-by-side comparison to see if you like the result. Maybe v.8 still has that option?

You could also just do an Image resize - change the resolution and dimensions to whatever you want, then save it off.

Hope this helps...............Barb

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks Barb. I had a version 4 before. :0) It worked for what I needed to do. Thought I'd be clever and treat myself to an update. Bad idea so far. I'll see if I can do what you suggest.

Thanks again,

Falls Church, VA(Zone 7a)

I hope it helps. I went from v.3 to 6, so I'm not ready to move again for a while! ^_^

Here's a link to a review of v.8, on's Graphics Software site. I get Sue's mailings, and she tells it like it is. There might even be a tutorial on the site, somewhere. Check it out:

Edited to add: I should have said earlier that I don't really use the Organizer function in PSE, I just do photo and graphics editing with it. Evidently the Organizer in the new version didn't impress Sue (the reviewer) very much!

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Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks again Barb. I can't make it work and I am going to try one more thing then I am going to uninstall it and go back to what I had. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with this. It seems like all the new software I get has been dumbed down do much that it isn't even intuitive in the least. I reviewed a Corel version a month ago for Amazon and it was so stupid simple that it was unusable.


I just came out of a house of higher learning. Penn States three week course on digital camera and photo management. Bottom lines in so far as the man who writes and or edits most Elements and CS more or less concluded:
Elements 7 has roughly 75% of CS 4. Unless you are extremely into the differences the Elements 7 will be as much and more than a whole lot of folks will want or need. All professionals that I have come to know are thinking that for now and the known future these two programs are two of the best. They are living what I have mentioned.
CS5 is about to be released. Look for some good pricing on CS4 to be on the market soon.
It pleased me to know that as an amateur hobby photographer I do not need to shell out every time Adobe rattles the collection plate. Most of my associates think likewise.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Dumbed down. Wouldn't that make it easy for everyone. PE is not intuitive when you first start, that's for sure.

I have a feeling PE8 is similar to PE6 (and PE2). To resize in PE6 or PE2, click on Image, Resize, Image Size. Pick your units (pixels or %), click on constrain dimensions (that way if you change height then width will stay proportional for example and vice versa). To downsize, pick bicubic sharper; to upsize pick bicubic smoother (PE2 only has bicubic, bilinear, and . Change either the horizontal or vertical units and click OK.

XP has a free resizer that is very simple to use where you right click on the thumbnail or picture and choose either some common standard size or a custom size but I don't know if Vista or Windows 7 has a tool like this.

While I like PE, it does seem very slow and a bit of a resource hog but it is the gold standard (well it shares most of the important features of PS which is the gold standard).


Vista and/or Windows 7 has size selection to full page, 8X10, 4 X 8 (two up) 5 X 7 (2 up)
3 X 5 (however many on a sheet) and Wallet Size which is a bunch of little photos. Prior to printing you have auto brightness, Crop, Red and Green, Blue and Yellow, midtones, Contrast and Lighting and compression to a choice of (no compression and three smaller sized). The pixels are there to use. I have just never gone there. As a freebe it is very nice and not difficult to learn.

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