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toronto, Canada

Hi everyone, I have these to trade as well as quite a few others in small quantities if you have a wish list or I am looking for interesting varieties (bicolor, stripes, oranges, blacks & white, green or anything fun (vegetables, fruit, tomatoes). More tomatoes, veggies and ornamentals are listed here
as well. Thanks so much for looking

Beauty Queen (Bicolor) Beautiful Golden fruit with red exterior striping and interior marbling, some size variability but not significant.

Chocolate Stripes (bicolor) Beautiful chocolate red coloured fruit with green shoulders & green striping extending along the length of the body. Very tastey, rich flavour, and beautiful cut on a plate to show the brown/green flesh.

Egg Yolk (orange) - Perfect egg yolk sized tomatoes, sweet / fruity flavour, mild but tomatoey. Bright yellow, great in salads.

Fantome du Laos aka Ghost of Laos (white) Beautiful white fruit, shoulders are blushed with yellow if left on the counter for a few days. Mild sweet white flavour. Slightly ribbed and flattened beefsteak.

Galapogos Island Tomato L. Cheesmani (orange) Wild, orange, pear shaped currant variety, very pretty. Less than 1" long, nice novelty for garnish, but also sweet enough for fresh eating.

George Curtis Spoon (red) Very small wild currant variety. Produces an abundance of currant sized tomatoes, smallest one we have grown, smaller than Hawaiin Red Currant, or White Currant.

Goji Faranji (red) Nice red ribbed beefsteak from Siberia slightly ruffled ~6oz. Good colour, flavour and texture. A few irregular shaped fruit, but most were uniformly sized & ribbed.

Gold Million (yellow) I believe this one may also be known as "Sunshine Yellow", but not certain. A similar type to Sweet Million only gold. Quite sweet mid-large size yellow cherries. Reasonably productive.

Hawaiin Red Currant (red) Small wild red currant, somewhat sprawling plants, nice flavour. Not as red as George Curtis Spoon and a fair bit larger. Very productive plant, with good flavour for fresh eating or as a novel addition to salads.

Huang Se Chieh Gold (yellow) Slightly larger than Huang se Chieh Moon Yellow, and more golden in colour. Round fruit 2-2.5" in size, nice light tomato flavour. Fruit showed no marks, cracking or splits. Fairly productive.

Indian Stripe (Bicolor Black) Reddy-purple colour with some green, irregular marbling/striping. Good rich black flavour. I have read that this one is similar to Cherokee Purple, but smaller, however we have not grown CP yet.

Kang Bing (Yellow) Nice yellow plum shaped tomatoes, fairly meaty/fleshy. Apparently these tomatoes are quite sweet, I think a poor season and unlucky spot in the garden limited this ones potential.

Matt's Wild Cherry (red) - Wild currant type, nice red, sweet flavour.

Negro Azteca (Black) Aztec Indian Heirloom. Large purple/brown coloured smokey flavoured cherry with a hint of green. Good flavour, firm flesh, a very nice tomato for fresh eating & salads.

Peiping Chieh (red) Chinese variety, I believe it roughly means Beijing Tomato. Nice round red approximate 2"+ in diameter. Firm good for sauces or as a small slicer.

Poil Blanc (white) Pretty cocktail sized white tomato, slightly oblong with the occasional pale yellow blushed shoulder. As the name would suggest (White Fur or Hair) the fruit is slightly fuzzy. Quite productive.

Sunbaby Yellow (yellow) English yellow cherry, nice flavour & productivity. Yielded good quantities of uniform size (~1") blemish free fruit, nice sweet/acid flavour balance. A very nice cherry.

Vova Yellow (yellow) Small yellow oblong fruits, a few ounces at most. Nice light flavour, not very sweet.

White Beauty (yellow) -Beautiful, very glossy palm size pale yellow fruits, the perfect looking tomato. Very mild flavour. Not truly white rather a pale yellow at maturity. White Currant (white) Very early and sweet wild variety, fun for children and a good novelty / garnish for dishes. Sprawling/ leggy plants that performed reasonably well in a wet season.

Banana Legs Yellow / Yellow Banana (yellow) 3-4" long banana shaped and colour tomato, looks like a small banana. Not just a novelty, good production, nice flavour, meaty paste tomato. Some commercial sites list this as a Heirloom, however I understand it is a more recent stabilized cross related to Long Tom.

Super Snow White (white) - Pretty, white, somewhat blocky, slighter larger than a ping pong ball, tomatoes with a mild flavour & thick wall, almost transparent skin colour. This one appears to be a "truer white" than most. Developed by Joe Bratka.

Snow White Cherry Nice looking white cherry, very mild flavour similar to Super Snow White, plants grew over 6' tall in pots, and bore clusters of white/very pale yellow ˝"-1" cherries. Developed by Joe Bratka

Gold Nugget (yellow) - Very early and prolific, 1" golden cherries. In poor conditions this one produced when others were either not ready to bear fruit or were bearing poorly. Fruit were perfect, no splits or cracks.

Hillbilly (Bicolor) Ohio Heirloom of apparent Virginian Origin. Large golden beefsteak, mine were all well over 1lb. Rose blush, sweet, attractive slicer. There seem to be a few strains of this one offered by the seed companies, some heavily streaked in red. Ours was similar to the ones shown on Landre Seeds site, largely golden with a blush at the base, but we had a very cool season,

Russian Mini Yellow (yellow) Slightly larger than the wild currant varieties but smaller than an average cherry. Round fruit has yellow shoulders blending to an almost transparent white bottom. Interesting flavour as though it has already been slightly stewed, very productive. Very thin skinned, somewhat like white currants, fruit never split on the plant but were prone to splitting during handling. No marks or cracks of anykind. This was one of our earliest and certainly our most productive cherry plants, and non-tomato eating little ones seemed to enjoy it.

Jaune Flamme (Orange) - French Heirloom. One of our favourites for flavour, nice deep orange/gold firm fruit. Plants were more productive than most, and fruited before most others of a comparable size. This one will be a perennial favourite in our garden for flavour, colour, productivity and earliness. A top producer, with great flavour & beautiful fruit.

Old Ivory Egg (White) - Our plants fruited in about 75days, nice white, somewhat egg shaped tomatoes about 2.5" long. Not a big producer for us, but a rather novel tomato.

Garden Huckleberry – Solanum M. – Quite prolific ~3’plant

Pineapple Tomatillo – Very nice, tropical tasting small fruit enclosed in papery husk, much like ground cherries, but these fruited and ripened earlier than either Cape Gooseberries or Groundcherries.

A number of varieties in small quantities if there is something you are looking for, I would be happy to look at your wish list. We are generally looking for non-red, non-round varieties, but happy to look at your trade list, we often don’t know what we would like to try until we see it, but looking for varieties like those listed below. Thanks so much :-))

Shelburne, VT

Hi I would like to trade for one of each variety of seed you have.
Do you want just non-red tomatoes ?
Let me know, at [email protected]



Whitesburg, TN(Zone 6b)

I would like the following:

Beauty Queen
Chocolate Stripes
Egg Yolk
Fantome du Laos aka Ghost of Laos
Galapogos Island Tomato L. Cheesmani
George Curtis Spoon
Goji Faranji
Huang Se Chieh Gold
Indian Stripe
Kang Bing
Negro Azteca
Poil Blanc
White Beauty
White Currant
Gold Nugget
Jaune Flamme
Old Ivory Egg
Garden Huckleberry
Pineapple Tomatillo

I have attached pictures of my list of tomatoes. I am making labels that fold in half and drop down inside of a 3" x 5.5" ziplock bag. So, all of my tomatoes are listed as file names in the tomato folder. Instead of typing them all out, I just took screenshots of the list (if you want to know the easy way, ask a lazy man :)

I am also including a pick of one of my labels. I am planning on making them and selling the label, the ziplock, and a smaller 2.5" x 3" ziplock to put the seeds in; for $1 per label. So far, I have made about 100 different labels. I have about 2300 to go :) After the labels are made, the ziplocks are rigid and can be organized in baseball card organizer boxes.

I will trade you seed for seed on any of the varieties that are in these pics.

Thanks, Mike

Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike
Whitesburg, TN(Zone 6b)

And here is the sample label.

Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike
Whitesburg, TN(Zone 6b)

And, so you don't have to stand on your head...when folded in half and dropped down inside the ziplock, this would be the back side of the labelled baggie.

Thumbnail by Carolina_Mike
Orgiva, Granada, Spain

Hi kd, are you still trading?

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