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wanted: lotus seeds or plants

Southlake, TX(Zone 8a)

I am new to ponding and have a pond with NO plants. I have some water lilies, anacris, parrots feather and horsetail reed on order and have heard many people talk about lotus. I know it is a flower but what is this plant like? Is it difficult to grow?

Does anyone have lotus seeds for trade or SASE? I have some Texas Star Hibiscus seeds listed on my trade page with a picture if anyone is interested.


Hobart, IN(Zone 5a)

mr_bill, I am trying lotus myself for the first time this year. I ordered a Mrs. Perry D. Slocum tuber. I've read that if you start lotus from seed, you should not expect blooms until the 3rd year. That's too long for me to wait!

The lotus that I ordered is a large variety so I will put it in it's own bog. I guess that they will take over a pond quickly. I noticed several small varieties that can be grown in patio containers.

I purchased some lotus seed pods at the craft store that I am going to experiment with just for the heck of it. I picked up a couple of large tubs that I'll use. I have no clue as to the variety but was told by a grower that they (craft store seeds) are often from China and could be a Chinese mixed lotus. If they ever amount to anything, it will be interesting to see if they are identifiable.

Hilo, HI

I have started many lotus from seed. It is possible to get flowering during the first year if you time it correctly for the weather in your area.

Lacon, IL(Zone 5a)

I got a lotus plant (tuber?) in the mail. Do I just place it in the bog of my pond or should I put it in a pot and then put it in the pond?

Hamilton, Canada

Tubers need to be planted on a slant with the roots down in soil. Leave the stems out of the soil and the POT must be placed in the pond with at least 6 inches of water above it. As for the seeds, they have to be scarified and soaked in water until they sprout first the leaves and then the roots. After the roots have sprouted you can plant them.

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