For Maria

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

Maria sent me this little reticulatum bulb with the tag saying"save me!"Here it is Maria,saved and about ready to join it's big sisters.The big ones insist on shade here.

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Ewing, VA

Oh JT....It is so precious! And ALIVE!!!

As I have told you or written you, this is the "True" reticulatum specie. Notice the dark green color of it's leaf and that white (not cream) pin stripe in the middle. Very very different from the ones coming from Thailand. I knew it would love your warmer weather and higher humidity there. And of course your TLC! It should grow beautifully with the other retics.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my baby!

Now I will need to send you this.

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Shelburne Falls, MA(Zone 5a)

Congrats on your success!!! Love your plant tag, Maria!!!

Ewing, VA

Hahaha! I like doing this. Makes things kinda fun. Handling hundreds of bulbs could get boring ya know. One time I had to send a rotten bulb...unfortunately. Here's what I wrote outside the "brown bag". Now that was supposed to be the source of the rotten bulb. LOL!!!

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