Haemanthus albiflos

london, United Kingdom

Hope this is ok for this site. it is from the Amaryllidaceae family.Unusual flowers.

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Gulfport, FL(Zone 9b)

I have two that haven't bloomed for a couple of years. I'm looking forward to it very much! Yours look absolutely beautiful!

Ewing, VA

I got one of this too! Been growing it with my phals indoors beside a very bright window. It has not bloomed either. Now what does it need to bloom? Does it need a cold dormancy too like the hippies? And what causes those browning leaf edges. Mine would do this also sometimes.

Oh one more thing...there is a smaller type that stays like just 6 inches tall. It has a very hairy leaf. H. albiflos has hair in it's leaf edges but this smaller kind has hair all over it's leaf surface and edge. What kind is this smaller one?

Ladson, SC

Mine is blooming, it's in th greenhouse now.

Ewing, VA

You guys are so lucky!!! What temperature range did your Haemanthus get?

Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Nice blooms!! These are on my list 2010 to try.

london, United Kingdom

A lovely Nerine , N. flexousa.

Sorry I'm late replying, I think the Haemanthus you describe mariava is H. pubescens. The H.albiflos is grown here in a cool, frost free glasshouse. The brown edges to the leaves is probably caused by leaf scorch.

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