Flannel Sheets

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I would like to get some flannel sheets for my son. WOWie are they expensive. They run $30-40 for a set. He doesn't use pillow cases or top sheets, only the fitted.
So I called the fabric store and she said flannel was like $5 a yard and is 45 inches wide.
I'm thinking I could buy a fitted cotton sheet and sew a large piece of flannel over the top. I could buy a yard and a half of flannel for $7.50 and a fitted sheet for I think $7 at walmart. That would make my sheet about $15.
does anyone foresee any problems with doing this? I will wash and dry the materials before sewing, in case either of them shrink.
Other than that, what do you think?

Also, on another note, my son likes chocolate covered marshmallows, you know the kind they wrap in fancy wrapping and they are santa shaped or snowmen or whatever.
There are I think 6 or 8 in a package? for $1.
I think I could buy a bag of large marshmallows for $1 and some milk chocolate chips, and melt the chips and dip the marshmallows. I don't know how expensive toothpicks are, but I was thinking I could put one in each marshmallow and then dip it in the chocolate.
Candy is just high. I think I will try making some simple candies. He loves Reeses, but they are high, and don't last long around here! So I thought about peanut butter fudge and spreading a thin layer of melted chips over the top before cutting into squares. Chocolate fudge with peanuts in it would be good too.
He also likes those thin mint patties that are chocolate covered. I thought about trying a recipe I have for wedding mints. It uses cream cheese and sugar and mint flavor. I think he would really like those, and they would be homemade and last a long time I think in the fridge.

Does anyone on here know anything about karaoke? My daughter wants one of those things, and I know nothing about them, except they are kind of pricey. I bought her an amplifier at walmart and a microphone. Total cost was $40 I think on that. We have a dvd player that plays cd's. I would like to know if anyone has played CD-G on a DVD player? It is a CD that has graphics (G). The graphics I guess are the words that display on your TV screen or if you have a fancy karaoke machine it will display on the screen on that.
So I was hoping I could just buy some used cd-g on E-bay and play them on my TV through DVD. The karaoke players look like they run about 60-90 for a good one. They come pre loaded with some music, but most of it is stuff I'm not sure she would like anyway. It also has the capability of using two microphones, which the amp I bought only takes one.
So I would welcome any advice on this because I am tech impaired pretty bad! She is 9 years old btw.

Christmas on a shoestring :)

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