Merino, Australia

Another lovely white. I only had 2 before now I have quite a few. They look alike at first but there are differences in the size and shape of petals.

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Merino, Australia

Meet "Andromeda "one of my favorites.

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Merino, Australia

Last one for today. This one is quite large and a lovelier apricot shade than the camera shows.

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barmera, Australia

Love Andromeda Jean Colleen

Merino, Australia

Nearly the end of flowering for my epis. Just 3 more to open. Have a look at Gladyce Jones. Isn't she just gorgeous ?

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Merino, Australia

This one hits you in the eye as soon as you walk in.

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Merino, Australia

Epis do come in smaller packages. This is Snowflake.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, my son came home with 2 leaves of German Empress, so I am on my way. LOL
Gladyce Jones is very beautiful. So is Andromeda and the Aporos.

Parkham, Australia

Absolutly beautiful!!!
I only have two epis.
The second one I bought on E Bay last year so I have not seen it flower yet
but do have a pic from the grower (brilliant mauve and pink)
The first one I went to a garage sale and saw it. I asked the lady if it was for sale.
She said "Oh that thing, it never does anything, give me $2 for it if you want it."
So I did and it has the most beautiful peach coloured flowers, 5 of them last year!!!

Sydney, Australia

Amazing Jean! I know what my next obsession will be.
I have attached my only. Currently flowering.
Do your Epis last longer than one night? If I don't put it in the diary when I see the buds coming I will go out the next morning and see what is left.

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Merino, Australia

Steve, just about all of my epis are day bloomers. You will find that the night bloomers are usually white or cream and do fade quickly , while the day ones are all colors and mine generally last a few days to a week.
dmail me if you want some cuttings.
Cedreena, a very lucky bargain for you.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i have a lot of these'epi' blooms out now,and up until now,didnt have a clue what they were..will try for some pics this weekend

Clifton Springs, Australia

Were they Fay's Anthony?

Merino, Australia

Love to see your pics Anthony. Mine don't start to get buds until around late September and then bloom through October into November. I haven't seen any that have flowered in autumn before in the colder climate.

South Australia, Australia

Oh my!! How fortunate were you 77sunset :) Well, sounds like you earnt the reward of beautiful blooms doing some plant rescue!! I've become completely obsessed with these plants myself. We had a red one for many years but it's only been recently that I've discovered they come in other colours!! so, I've now got a few cuttings!! Do you sell cuttings at all? I'm in country SA and have found it difficult to source colours!! :)

Merino, Australia

Hello msjm..
I have sent you a dmail with details about the epis.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Yes !-They are all Fays " EPIS'..we just call them flowering cactus,..Anyway, missed the picture boat again !!

north coast nsw, Australia

Sunset- there beautiful Epis. What states Merino in?

Merino, Australia

I'm in western Victoria.
Its very dry at the moment so a total contrast to where you are.

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