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Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis)

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose
Hibiscus mutabilis

Thumbnail by Kell
San Diego, CA

This is exactly like the plant that I received from "Annie's Annuals and Perennials" as Hibiscus taiwainiana. This plant is growing in dappled shade and does not seem to show much color variation as is described for H. mutabilis. Flowers last for one day opening a very pleasant shade of a well saturated pink. The following day the old closed withered flowers flowers do have a deeper color. Perhaps the color variation would be evident if the plant were in full sun??? However I love the Abutilon (flowering maple) kind of growth where the leaves remain parallel to the ground reminiscent of many tree undergrowth type plants. I am afraid that if I place it in full sun I shall lose this wonderful effect!

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

It sure is a pretty plant. You are lucky to have it. I see Annies Annuals no longer is selling it but says Hibiscus taiwaniana, (could be Hibiscus mutabilis).

San Diego, CA


Could be it is neither H. taiwaniana nor H. mutabilis but is a similar but completely different species H. paramutabilis from central China. This species may also be synonymous with H. sinosyriacus and is genetically close to H. rosa-sinensis and H. syriacus with which it can apparently be hybridized...How confusing it can get!!!! Our plants may be nothing more than a descendent of this species! It seems unlikely to me that our plants are H. mutabilis. Check out this from Dave's:

The pics show primarily 3 lobed leaves, however my plant has 5-7 lobes which fits the description of H. paramutabilis. It is however indicated from the same herbarium site in China that the leaves sometimes produce 3 lobes. Then again the species description of the flower is one that is white with a deep pink center!!!

I am going to settle for H. paramutabilis for now and hopefully soon I will have some pics to put under that species.

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