Repair of "Eden Pure" heater

Laurel Hill, FL

My brother and I each bought an Eden Pure heater 3 years ago which cost $267 apiece. Advertised as "whole house heater". After the 1st winter both heaters died. We sent them back to the factory (within warranty period) and one was replaced, the other was reimbursed. The replacement came to me, I used it for that winter, strictly adhering to directions (thought maybe we didn't do it right the first time) and it too died. I contacted Eden Pure in regard to this matter and have heard nothing from them. My question is this: in spite of Bob Vila's endorsement of Eden Pure products, do they make a really crappy product or what? When I priced a replacement they were about $347. I would imagine they are higher than that now. I'd like to either have the unit repaired or take it to the dump - living in a small area can't find a person who repairs small appliances of any kind or large ones either, pretty much. Don't know how to make the company respond but thought maybe someone out there might have had a similar experience and give some advice. Thanks!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Do you have a Sears in your area? They frequently offer repair services for appliances even if it's not their brand. I'm not familiar with Eden Pure heaters so I don't know if there's something special about them that would require specialized knowledge to fix, but if it's just a regular sort of heater then if it's fixable I expect the Sears repair people would be able to help. I would keep hounding Eden Pure though--and document your repeated attempts to contact them and if they still don't respond then I would report them to the Better Business Bureau. And I'd definitely buy another brand next time if you're not able to get these fixed.

Leicester, NC(Zone 8a)

k2dew4at, I sympathize with you am battling over shark vacume that sucks or should I say doesn't suck. Never again will I order off TV. And to send this crap back costs so much in shipping you are still out half the cost of the item. Good luck and learn.

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

Don't know how you contacted them K2dew4at, but this is the number for their corporate office in Canton OH. 330-494-5504. Their hours are
Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Their fax number is: 330-497-6802

Their e-mail address is [email protected]

I would not let them off the hook that easily. They need to stand behind their product. Be a constant pain in their @$$ until they do the right thing.

Laurel Hill, FL

Thanks one and all. Very good advice from all of you.

Columbia, TN(Zone 7b)

k2dew4at when it worked did it work well for you? What kind of operating cost? Friends of mine have two of them and love theirs. They were recommending I get one so I wondered if you were just unlucky with them.


Laurel Hill, FL

Molly D:
Perhaps I could have been unlucky in one, yes. But 3? Doesn't that strain credibility just a bit?

Columbia, TN(Zone 7b)

Yes you do have a point there. Are there perhaps different factories producing the units and yours came from one that did shabby work?


Laurel Hill, FL

No response from Eden Pure, however, I have read that the infra red bulbs that heat that darn thing might be blown. I'm considering taking it to a Sears Svc. Ctr, paying the blasted fee and having them check that out. The bulbs are VERY expensive, but if it could be fixed for the cost of the repair and replacement I wouldn't at least be out the $300 + cost to replace the heater. Otherwise I might as well junk it, and I sure hate to throw away something that was so very expensive. $267 at the time and that is several years ago, now it is well over $300 to replace. Any ideas?

Waterford, MI

i bought an eden pure.. the following summer it went kapoot... sent it back, got a new one.. after 2 winters this one is now a goner.. eden pure, i would never recommend them...we had a warranty with it.. i believe back then it was a 2 year warranty.. when our last one went out, the warranty had lapsed 2 months prior.. so now, im told its probably a red light bulb heater thingy...and the repair shop said they have rebuilt ones for about the same im guessing we are not the only ones getting rid of these if they have re built ones for sale.. how sad.. i hope bob villa got his money up front !!


Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

well, the OP was in 2009 so, dunno if anyone here is still having Eden Pure problesm or not.

I'm just going to mention that, if you buy items with certain credit cards, your warranty period can be increased - maybe doubled.

Also, a local appliance parts sales shop might have names of people doing small appliance repair work.

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