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Saving gingers when selling a house

Humble, TX

We are hoping to sell our house this spring and move to another area of Houston. I wanted to save all the gingers MoodenIe gave me and replant them at our new house. Yesterday I dug up the ones that were going dormant. Can I store them in paper bags or newspaper over the winter and replant them in the late spring/early summer. Do I have to put them in pots to keep them alive, or can I leave them dormant for a little longer? Should I keep a clump of dirt around them or wash them clean? Let me know your thoughts and what you would do to help them all make the move without dying. Thanks!

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

You can dig up the ginger rhizomes and brush off the dirt-not wash off the dirt..put them in paper bags- not in plastic bags..If you wash off the ginger with water and place them in plastic will cuz root rot. And store them in cool dry place..not cold wet damp place cuz the paperbag to absorb the humidity and cuz root rot..I hope I explained this okay to you..If you lose any over the winter..let me know, I'll replace some for you.

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