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A few years back I wanted to participate as a company in the PlantScout, and at that time it may have been new, since you had to email Dave's Garden to get set up. I emailed but never received a response and never pursued it again until now. It looks as though it is now much simpler and they even take PayPal as payment which is certainly a plus to me.

I wasn't sure where to post my question(s), so thought I'd try here first over the General Discussion and Chat forum since all of you must participate in selling something. I tried to click on the link PlantScout Discussion Forum (which was listed on a page with information about becoming a participant company in PlantScout), but it is my guess that you actually have to be a participant company before you can access that forum, because I could not get there or find it among all the other forums, and that is where the link took me to when I tried...the list of *all* the forums. So before participating, I have a (or some) question(s).

I guess first off, are there any here who have their own websites and participate in PlantScout? Although I have way over 100 items, I thought I'd like to start there. If you list 100 different items (plants seeds or bulbs), can you easily change those items at a later point? Let's say for instance one year I have used up my 100 limit, and then the next year I add a new item, and want to swap that particular item out with one of the 100 I already have listed, can that be easily done? Also, how easy would it be to upgrade from 100 to more items?

Thanks for any input, and if I should be using another forum for these questions, thanks for that info. too.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Here's an entry from the FAQ that tells you what to do if you want to join Plant Scout I'm sure when you contact the admins about joining they could answer your questions about #'s of listings, etc.

There are other selling options though in addition to Plant Scout which may meet you needs better if you are frequently going out of stock of old items and/or getting new ones in (or if you don't meet all the requirements to list things in Plant Scout). The Marketplace (which is what this discussion forum is about) works a lot like Ebay except it's all "buy it now" type of pricing vs auctions. Anyone can list items on the marketplace, you pay a small listing fee (which I think may be waived for paid subscribers), and a percentage of each sale. You make an individual listing for each type of plant/seed/bulb/etc you have to sell. If you get in new items, you can make new listings for them.

If you already have your own website where you sell things, it can be quite time consuming to create individual listings for everything, so you may want to consider the Classifieds instead. There for $5 you can post an ad for a couple of weeks and direct people to your website. (you'll find a link to the Classifieds under the "products and sources" tab)

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